ETC : my summer night routine | carly cristman collab

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ooo am i excited today ^.^
why ? because this video is a collab we’re doing with one of our favourites – fashion stylist extraordinaire carly cristman. we’ve been following her super fun youtube channel for a few months now, and her videos are just a delight. they always put both david and me in such a good mood, and her filming and editing are both super gorgeous.

this here is a quality content youtuber, something still quite rare. you probably already know carly, but if you don’t – go check out her channel here and the matching night routine video she made here.

about this video – i’ve been meaning to show you guys my everyday night routine, since you’ve been asking so much about it. but it can be kind of hard to shoot ok-looking material at night-time because of the poor lighting. luckily, summer is here and so is the late night sun !

you can find the recipe for my homemade skin toner here.

the skincare label i’m using in this vid is santaverde (the products are sponsored, but i love them just as much non-the-less).

the movie we’re watching is the absolutely beautiful only yesterday, and the book david reads to me at the moment is in the woods by tana french.

you can find the taiso exercise by youtube searching ‘japanese exercise’ and clicking on the vid with the ladies in pink t-shirts.


i had a lot of fun hanging out with you guys this evening. if you’re into routines, you can check out my morning routine video as well.
and don’t forget to have a look at carly’s night routine video !

love // jenny

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    • I just checked out your website- which slays!!! I like it so much that I was wondering if you could tell me the website that you used to create it because I am making a website myself and can’t seem to find a good program!

  1. What I do not every evening, but several times a week, and it does give me that “aahhhh” effect you mentioned, is have a mug of healthy raw, vegan hot chocolate from Magic Mayan Chocolate ( – I’m not affiliated with them or anything, I just love them, and they’re here in Ireland and ship worldwide so I feel the need to promote them at every turn!!). It only takes a few minutes to dissolve a hot chocolate cube in some almond milk on the stove, and the result is just sooooo yummy and not too sweet. It instantly puts me into luxury relaxation mode.

  2. I love absolutely love your videos and blog posts; you manage to turn something as simple as a night routine into a wonderful and calming experience!!! <3

  3. josephine

    hi jenny! i just wanted to ask what shirt you’re wearing in this? i am in LOVE (with the shirt as well as you and david) <3

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