ETC : my work free zone

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i love working from home. it suits my personality perfectly, since i’m one of those people who focusses better curled up in the sofa with a cup of tea and my own spotify jazz playlist in the background. cubicles, fluorescent lighting, and desk chairs have never been my thing. but we’re all different. some prefer the office environment, to not be distracted.

in my opinion, working from home has one downside though – the line between work and play is very blurry. it can be hard to leave work behind at night and just chill out, when you’re in the same sofa you’ve been working in all day. so me and david have a spot. an almost sacred spot. where no work talk is allowed. a work free zone, for just hanging out and chatting about nothing. maybe read a magazine. have a drink. that kind of thing. so it’s become one of my fav spots in this flat.

these pics are from the other day, when we had a day off (well sort of). i love having a little drink before starting on dinner. this was lovely. and we ended up having summer rolls for dinner, so i wasn’t complaining at all let me tell you ^^

drinkplace1 drinkplace2 drinkplace3 drinkplace5 drinkplace6 drinkplace9

oh just realised that these are sort of only closeups but you can see the spot better in the video here if you want !

another thing – i just started a bloglovin’ account. is anyone else there ? so far i absolutely love it !
it’s completely simplifying my blog reading and log collecting experience ^^
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happy friday kiddos ^^

love // jenny


  1. I’ve always made my bed a work free zone. In university so many people would complain that they fell asleep doing homework in bed. Blurring the lines between work and leisure is a recipe for failure. PS what is sprinkled on the edamame?

    • jennymustard

      smart :))
      it’s salt, sesame seeds, dried garlic, and tons and tons of nutritional yeast <3

  2. I’ve been following your YouTube channel since you started and now I’m thinking about going “wild” and start a Spanish vegan activism blog/Youtube channel, so I definetely came here for inspiration. Love your style, you guys feel so authentic, thanks for that! Love from Mexico,

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