ETC : new MUSTARD ON MOVIES episode | best movie bff’s

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i know it’s been ages since we uploaded a mustard on movies video.
you know how it is – too many projects, too little time !

but here we go, this episode is all about the movie friendships we love and remember.
so grab a friend, pop some corn, and let’s get to it !

by the way, you’ve been asking us what our plans are for the more chillout type of videos, like mustard on movies and sunday breakfast with the mustards. we’re trying to find a good solution to this, because we feel like we having some problems fitting everything in.

but we have an idea !
let us give it one last think-through and we’ll get back to you.

in the meantime – tell us your favourite movie bff’s !

love // jenny & david

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  1. I do love the Sunday breakfast! I like the movies stuff too, because I like movies, but if you had to choose between the two, I’d definitely vote to keep the breakfast :-)

    • P.S. Fried Green Tomatoes is one of my favourite movies of all time, and yes, it’s such a beautiful friendship!

  2. Yay, another Mustard on Movies! Actually these are a major reason I kept reading: it’s quite humanising, in a way, because I usually definitely think of lifestyle bloggers as people whose work I might enjoy but otherwise have nothing in common with. When I saw, for instance, that your favourite movie seems to be Battle Royale, I lost my sh*t, because it’s been on my must-see list forever, and I’m a huge fan of Takeshi Kitano.

    I also approve of David’s inclusion of Hot Fuzz, Nick Frost and Simon Pegg work amazingly together in all three of those movies, but the friendship in Shaun of the Dead has a bit of a cynical edge to it (the epilogue – I don’t want to spoil the ending for anyone), and The World’s End it’s kind of like the Nick Frost character is watching the creation of his estranged high school best mate as a kind of Mad Max figure, in a way, so it’s a bit more distant. In Hot Fuzz it’s almost slightly romantic (otherwise the BFF relationship would be between Nick Angel and his plant). I’m kind of drawing a blank what I’d include in a top 5 list otherwise. I mean, there’s Bill & Ted and Doc & Marty.

    Another point I wanted to make is that there are not many women on YouTube doing movie-related stuff. There’s a lot of fashion, lifestyle, cooking, etc. But it’s a big minefield for women to step out of those areas, as they tend to get either lambasted or creeped on. So, if you keep making these videos, it could be a pretty positive thing.

  3. Breakfast with the Mustards, Mustard on Movies, and cooking/what I eat videos are my faves. Don’t take away David’s point Jenny – that’s just mean!!

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