ETC : our 10 year anniversary | a beautiful berlin day

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first of all, we just want to thank you guys so much for all the well-wishes and congrats we got on our anniversary this saturday, when i posted my a decade with david column. we seriously have the best readers a blog could ask for, and we love sharing our happiest moments with you !

we had a lovely day off – meaning that we didn’t bring our camera of course. but we did take some snapshots with my iphone so that we could share a few moments from our little celebration with you guys.

this is more of a diary post so to speak. if you want to read about my thoughts on our 10 year long relationship, read the column i linked to above.

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we actually started already on friday night with a glass of cava, some fruit and our obsession – these sesame crackers from alnatura. so delicious !

after that, a cozy stay-in dinner and a movie as usual.

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on saturday morning, david got up and fixed us breakfast while i stayed put, bloglovin’ in bed. he had planned the whole day for us, so all i had to do was tag along. i love days like that !

the only thing i decided was that the day should be as calm and relaxing as possible. work has been a bit crazy (as always) so last week we tried to slow down a bit.

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at breakfast we did a little re-cap of our decade as a couple, telling each other a memory from every year. we also graded each year from the worst to the best.
it was so much fun and hella strange to remember all the things we’ve been up to.

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after brekkie we got ready and went for the longest walk. seriously long, like more than four hours. it was such a beautiful, sunny day here in berlin.

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we went to a part of kreuzberg that we haven’t been to before, with so many cute vegan places to check out. there was a lovely little food market, and an asian café. also we had a look and ordered some tea at a korean restaurant, where they have a vegan korean bbq dish that we’re dying to try. it’s on our to-eat list for sure !

this is us waiting for our tea at the korean restaurant.

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when we came back home in the afternoon, we had a glass of cava and played a how-well-do-we-know-each-other game. david won with half a stinking point.

the monster of a walk had tired us a bit, so we rested for a couple of hours and did some reading in bed. just what the doctor ordered, i was so totally relaxed this whole day.

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we went out to dinner at japanese restaurant ULA. we both had the sukiyaki with tofu and shiitake. the sizzling pot was cool, although the sweetness and earthiness of a lot of japanese food isn’t really for us. we prefer like super fresh, sour, spicy, and light food like vietnamese. but we can’t eat vietnamese every time we go out !

this place had a lovely atmosphere and super friendly staff, so we had a good time.
we ended our day at home with a late night 90s thriller, tons of chocolate, strawberries, and bucketloads of tea.

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not a bad day at all if you ask me.
a beautiful day spent with a beautiful man.

can’t wait to see what the next decade brings.

love // jenny

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  1. Beautiful!!! You write so well, I love your style and approach towards writing :) Anyway I wish you a great life together, you two are so lucky to have found each other since you fit so well! Love you both (Oh and I literally LIVE for Sunday breakfast with the mustards ahah)

  2. Ah I’m so glad you had such a beautiful day together! What you two have built is worth celebrating :-)

  3. Congratulations guys!
    Thanks for being so friendly and sharing this with us.
    Enjoy some more gorgeous 10 years together!

  4. Crystal Kim

    Such a lovely and inspiring couple with beautiful story :) Congrats!

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