ETC : sunday breakfast with the mustards #2 | life update + weekly favourite + question of the week

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thank you guys so much for all the great feedback last sunday !
it really seemed like you enjoyed the first episode of sunday breakfast with the mustards, so we’ve made another episode !

just as last week, we’re sharing our vegan sunday breakfast with you – one of our favourite moments of the week. and we’re throwing in a little life update, our weekly favourites, your question of the week, and the most talked about part of last episode – the rajio taiso ( the japanese radio exercise ).

spend your sunday morning with us and let’s make it a good one kiddos !

that smoothie was amazing by the way – basil in smoothies rock.
go make one and check out my column where i list the 3 reasons we’re a happy couple.


and don’t forget to let us know if you have a ‘q’ of the week or if you’ve heard of anything fun in the news.

love // jenny & david

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favourite – essential oil blends by sinne firenze ( gift )


new MUSTARD ON MOVIES episode kiddos !
our TOP 5 new york movie moments :



  1. I was wondering where you find all theses movies ? I’m interested in particular by ” the cats of Mirikitani”

  2. Omg I’m watching this on a Monday, surrounded by work… but I work from home and that’s okay. :) You and David are SOOOO cute and laid back seriously, I love you guys! These Sunday videos may just be one of my favorite series to watch, it’s just so relaxing to hear you guys converse about your week/day as if we were face to face…


  3. duuu vet ju att jag gillar dig muucho! du är verkligen så naturlig, avslappnad och inspirerande! Dessutom, så kul att ha fått ett ansikte på David, som för övrigt också verkar varahur fin som helst. Men, sen undrar jag, och kan tänka mig att många andra är intresserade, hur träffades du och David? Är han också vegan och var han det innan ni blev tillsammans? Och slutligen? Kan ni inte berätta lite om ert förflutna? Kram

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