ETC : waking up in berlin

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after spending a giggly last night with david, champagne, and star wars episode 6 – i woke up this morning to a grey and beautiful berlin. can not tell you enough how happy i am to be here.

i feel strangely relaxed. though there are so many things to do – unpack, plan this coming week, buy groceries and soup bowls ( why do so many kitchen lack this absolute essential ? ), get on top of an over-crowded inbox, and just … breath in the berlin atmosphere.
still i’m so chilled out. calmer than i’ve been in ages. i think it’s because i feel like i am where i’m supposed to be. we’ve made it. we’re in a city we’ve chosen for ourselves. let’s just hope this city chooses us back.


the airbnb apartment we’re renting for a month is gorgeous. so much better than the one we had in december. i think we’re going to feel at home here.
so now we’ve got a month to decide where to go next. another airbnb ? a temporary flat somewhere ?
if you hear of anything nice, let us know will ya !


anyway i just wanted to check in and let you know we’re ok. more than ok !
now i need to run and get ingredients for tonight’s sweet potato stew. what are you up to babes ?

love // jenny

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  1. Hey Jenny,
    I wish you a lot of beautiful adventures in Berlin. Trust me, it will not (always) be about peace and quiet (– although the zen force can also be at its best there!)
    Berlin is full of magic and mysteries, on both bright and dark sides, which often need to be cleverly mingled — to result with this Yin-Yang-balance above-mentioned!
    Actually, I also wish myself to live (once again) in this incredible city.

    I hope you’ll find illuminated opportunities – and opportune illuminations//
    – and that you’ll share them with us as always!
    Cheers to you guys from Brussels.

  2. I’m glad that you feel relaxed in Berlin. Wish you keep that feeling for the whole stay. Keep us posted :)

  3. Hey Jenny,
    i wish you a bunch of beautiful things and a happy life in the beautiful Berlin. As an italian living in the amazing Hamburg, I know how it feels to become an immigrant. As my skin and my hair are quite dark, everyone can understand immediately that I am not german, but people here are amazing, I feel comfortable and at home. If you have the opportunity to do that, I give you as an advice to visit Hamburg; it’s not far away from Berlin and it’s really worth to see. I am pretty sure you would love this city and its atmosphere :)
    Viel Erfolg in Berlin und schöne Grüße aus Hamburg :)

  4. Have fun<3
    My life right now is work and studies with a couple of hours of other enjoyments.
    Cant't wait to see more pics. I love looking at pictures of people, places, and vegan food.

  5. Hello Jenny!

    I’m Cecile, I’m French and I recently moved (in October) from Paris to Barcelona…It has been a big change so I can relate greatly to your adventure! We rented an Airbnb for one month (“we” are four, we have 2 kids of four months and three years) and then we found a more “permanent” accommodation.

    Anyway, I do not want to talk to much here, but I just wanted to say that I’m having a big crush on your blog and your lifestyle (I did not really know how to “define” mine but I may be a minimalist too, although less accomplished!).
    You seem very kind and inspiring (I think kindness is one of the greatest qualities so it is a big compliment for me!) and your work is beautiful. I will carry one discovering your articles and videos!

    Good luck with Berlin, I have no doubts it will love you back!

  6. Hey Jenny. Nice to hear that you fell good in Berlin! I moved to Spain as erasmus student on Monday, and thank god found a room in one day. I think reading your becoming posts will help me with all kind of emotions I’ll have, like having someone to share the change. Unfortunately my boyfriend is not here with me.

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