ETC : why i didn’t want anything from david this xmas

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this christmas me and david didn’t give each other anything fancy. i got a gorgeous navy blue bra and knickers, and some dvd’s, david got two t-shirts ( one’s so cool, going to show you in a later photo shoot ), and a few dvd’s too.

we felt strange about gifts this year. the reason being that we’ve been getting so much free stuff for the blog lately. one of the perks of being a blogger / youtuber is of course that you don’t really have to buy clothing, makeup, kitchen equipment etc. not that they are personal gifts – they’re meant for work.

having a photo shoot is definitely much more fun with new makeup and clothes. shooting cooking vids and editing photos are easier and more enjoyable with great equipment. but that does mean that we don’t really feel like getting new stuff for ourselves. we get all we need for work, so we like keeping our personal belongings to a minimum.


when we got back to stockholm just before christmas we had quite a few packages waiting for us. these are some of our favourite things that the blog got as her own xmas presents this year ^^

first of all, working will be so much easier next year thanks to asus.
yep we got a asus zenbook UX305LA for christmas, how amazing is that ? it’s going to be david’s new work laptop and i’m so jealous.

as if that wasn’t enough, bering sponsored us with a perfect watch. it’s david’s size, and again i’m too jealous !
i’m going to use it anyway to style shoots, that’s for sure.

gorgeous coloured vegan nail polish from madam glam – only gotten around to try the white and the light grey colour yet, so not sure which will be my favourite. that mauve colour look amazing too right ?


zoeva just upgrading my makeup stash. these two vegan lipsticks might just be the best lipsticks i’ve ever tried. they’re soft and light, without drying my lips. i’m quite in love. i’m using the dark purple one in these photos.

another great thing for us vegans – zoeva make these super soft, high-quality makeup brushes without using animal hair ( they make brushes with animal hair too, so read the description before buying ).

i only had one ( quite shitty ) makeup brush that i used for everything before, so i’m levelled up big time. they’re made from renewable materials – bamboo, vegan taklon hair, and aluminium.

i love that there are so many makeup brands going for natural, vegan, and eco-friendly products nowadays. big thumbs up.


i’ve never owned a kitchen scale, you know i like keeping my kitchen equipment to a minimum. in my opinion a knife, a great cutting board, and a blender will get you far.
but the more you cook, the more you usually end up feeling like a kitchen scale would be a good idea to own. quite a few recipes measure in weight instead of volume. and also, i find it sort of interesting to find out what stuff weigh, so i’m excited to give this beauty from vanity planet a go.


now guys, did you get anything nice for christmas / hanukkah / whatever ?
hit me with your best recommendations !

love // jenny

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  1. For Christmas, I got a slow cooker, leg warmers, knit leggings, a vegan cookbook, graphic novel, and an ornament (Anna from Frozen). I was so excited to get a slow cooker! I cooked my first batch of beans!

    I’m glad you guys had a good holiday. I always think it’s neat that bloggers receive so many free gifts from companies in exchange for a review about their products. Who wouldn’t want to find a Vitamix or Blendtec on their front porch? : )

  2. I got a book abot a man whom tells his story about his time in a norwegian prison, grini in ww2. Then I got a vegan perfume from L’Occitane;Candied Fruit Perfume, higly reccomend it(or at least that you try it in the store)! And then a shirt from the brand BASE, which is a natural based company and the shirt is soo SOFT and it’s made out of 100% bamboo, I think this shirt is essantial for everybody but especially minimalistic people because it’s bound to last you a liftime. :)

  3. My husband bought me a new yoga mat, as well as Michelle Lesniak’s (Project Runway) Bleeding Heart slouchy sweater. My parents bought me gift cards for Ballet Beautiful custom workouts and for a local spa/studio

    • jennymustard

      sounds like excellent gifts all of them :D especially the ballet workouts !

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