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i feel like working from home is what i’m built to do. it just suits my temperament perfectly.
i’m not one of those people who works best in a distraction-less office, at a desk with bright lighting, and co-workers making their little busy working sounds. i’m as most focussed when snuggled up in a sofa, with as much tea as i can possible drink, dim lighting, and my favourite soft playlist in the background.

i’m always trying to make my home office more efficient. i love my to-do-list notebooks, my tea selection, my camera, and my spotify playlists.
and just this week i got a new little friend. i’m a lucky girl – ASUS asked me if i wanted to try out their new ZenPad S 8.0* so i’ve been playing with that all week. actually i already have a tablet since earlier, so this one i’m letting david have as a work tablet he can use both when working from home, and when we’re out and about. it hurts just a little to let it go, i have to admit. it’s so much faster than my tablet, and photos look amazing on it. yes, i’m a nice girlfriend if i may say so myself.

the thing is, although i love working from home and that’s where i’m at my most disciplined and comfortable – i do need to work in other places to. since i clock so many working hours each week, i’ll get too isolated if i only work from home. so we like going to cafés or parks from time to time too, and being able to pack lightly just makes everything so much easier.
that’s one of the things i look forward to the most about (hopefully) moving to berlin – trying out all those vegan cafés and finding our favourite away-from-home work places.

what’s your favourite work place ?

love // jenny

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  1. I just got very curious about your ‘soft playlists’ – would be fun to see a little inspo-playlist-post soon maybe? :)

  2. Hi Jenny,

    I’m new here and lucky to have been stranded here! I love your recipes and the fact that you’re also a minimalist as I am. :)

    Just curious: What is your job?

    Love xoxo

    • jennymustard

      hi anne !
      i’m glad you ended up on this blog of all the places to get stranded :)
      this is my job actually. i’m one lucky girl ^_^

  3. Hi Jenny,
    I’d love to see your playlists too :)
    My favourite place to work is from the comfort of my bed with a throw, a hot cup of tea, some candles and my Pandora playlists.
    Chelsey x

    • jennymustard

      sounds lovely chelsey !
      to share a playlist is a good idea, thanks :D

  4. do you have any posts/videos about how you make a living? i know it is a different system in sweden versus the usa, and i would love to hear anything/everything you are willing to share about how you make this lifestyle work for you as a career. i havent seen you write about having another job, so i am assuming you dont, but i would love to be corrected if im wrong and just learn more about your life! thanks luvvv

    • jennymustard

      i get asked this a lot actually so i think i might turn this into a q&a question :D stay tuned !

  5. Hello- regarding the playlists… Assuming you have some pretty fabulous playlists already.
    What is your Spotify name? Tried to find you but no luck.

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