FASHION : 3 essential minimalist fall looks

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when i think about autumn / fall, i think about everything cozy and calm, with an everyday atmosphere.

the freedom of summer is over and it’s back to work or school. getting organised. taking care of business.
so we need a look to match our most business-like moods.

i also think about the calm autumn brings – kicking through the mat of beautifully coloured leaves, drinking hot chocolate, taking tons of photos and ending up in some french café somewhere talking for hours.
so we need a day-off, mucking about kind of look.

and finally, i can’t think of autumn without dreaming of tokyo. my dream city to visit. until then, i’ll have to fake it with some loosely japanese-inspired outfits – that would work great in a ramen place, with the rain pouring down, businessmen and -women with black umbrellas, steam coming up through the manholes.
so let’s go a bit overboard, create ourselves a showstopper outfit for those magical nights out, having fun but secretly wishing you were in tokyo.

sounds like a good plan to you ?
let’s watch then !

( all brands are written out in the video for those who are interested. some we got for free, some we paid for – let me know if you want more info ^.^ )

ooooooops !
we made a mistake with the spelling of one of the brands !
it should be ADE VELKON with a K not with a C.
here’s their website.

by the way, if you’re also a japan-dreamer like i am, you should check out our brand new movie podcast episode : if you liked spirited away, you’ll love…

love // jenny

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  1. I know you are concerned with only buying vegan stuff, but do you also have other ethical shopping criteria? Like not supporting sweatshops, bad work conditions, environment, ect. Do you only receive clothes and interior stuff which fulfill these criteria? If you have some sort of a policy on this, it would make an interesting video ;)

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