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i’ve teamed up with the non-profit organisation fair action to talk about the issue of fair fashion.
fair action’s current campaign #fairagenda is setting out to spread the word on ethical shopping and a kinder fashion industry, from the perspectives of feminism, fair working conditions, and caring for the environment.
all good stuff right !?

like i say in this video, i find that ethical shopping for clothes a very tricky thing. i wish it was as easy, fun, and convenient as ethical food shopping has become for me. but although the price difference is still huge, and the selection and variety very slim, things are getting better !
my own wardobe is very far from 100% ethical, but i’m trying to up the percentage a little bit, slowly but steadily. more and more high-street brands are catching on, and i hear about new and exciting indie brands with an ethical profile all the time.

here are a few ways in which we can help speed up the process :

oh by the way, are there any swedish readers out there who are interested in this issue ?
fair action is having a birthday event in stockholm on dec 8th at södra teatern. i won’t make it to sweden unfortunately, but if you want to go let me know !
i’m choosing a reader ( + a friend ) to go in my stead, and mingle with fashion bloggers and other interesting people trying to save the world – one piece of clothing at a time.

send me an email to info(at) and let me know if you want to go !


thanks a million to fair action for spreading some of the knowledge on to me and trusting me to help spread the word on this incredibly important and complex issue. i feel kind of honoured, i have to say.
if you want to know more about fairness in the industry and ethical shopping, check out fair action’s site and follow them on facebook.

love // jenny

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*this post is sponsored by fair action. however, the views shared here are of course – as always – my own.


  1. I would love your tips on eco/vegan brands to seek out! This is one area where I need to educate myself a lot more.

    What I have been doing is to make clothes last. I look after my things and wear them for years and years, which also means that I buy less new stuff. The “turnover” of clothes is one of the biggest problems in terms of the environment – we buy too much and throw away too much!

  2. Hi Jenny, thank you for this. For me it comes at the right time. (Would you please tell me what eyeshadow you are wearing in this video?)

  3. thank you for this very ethical, thoughtful and conscious article! It is very interesting you involve politics (and of course feminist and anti-racist goals) in some of your videos. You make small issues become a real deal, with fair advices!
    The only thing that I dont like in this kind of shopping is the price. I hope one day it will become more democratical… and thus accessible for everyone out there. That’s maybe the real goal.

  4. Hey Jenny, you are very much an inspiration to me. I am an American high school student and your everyday minimalism videos help keep me in balance and check. I admire your lifestyle and encourage you and your s/o to keep living and sharing your lovely experiences <3. Where I live, minimalism isn't a thing at all, so this is very new to me. But anyway ultimately thanks and hope you have a nice and wonderful day✨

  5. I agree that switching to an ethical wardrobe can be daunting. It’s hard to find ethical brands because they obviously don’t have the marketing budgets that the high street brands do. I’ve found that as I’ve started to add more ethical pieces to my wardrobe that I’ve naturally started to dress a little more classically since ethical fashion tends to last a lot longer/span multiple seasons. This lets me repeat pieces more often – fewer things, but they’re much higher quality.

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