FASHION : a day of fashion | video shoot + pr agency hopping

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it’s german press days here in berlin. yesterday we were stuck indoors editing videos and photos till our eyes bled, but on thursday we first had a lovely video shoot in the morning, then went around to a few different pr agencies – shaking hands and checking out new collections.

it was such a beautiful day, so running around the whole city was a treat ( even though i now got blisters bigger than mauerpark on both feet ).


you know, after we stopped selling clothes on our website, and started focusing on creating content instead, i’ve been enjoying making more food / health / lifestyle material and getting a little mini break from fashion. but recently i’ve just been more and more getting my style mojo back, and i’m just having a blast styling again.

fashion is where all this started, so i’m happy that i’m excited about it again. and like always, i feel the most beautiful in very androgynous outfits. it’s sort of sleek, powerful and sexy at the same time – if you ask me anyway.

jennymustardadayoffashion5jennymustardadayoffashion3 jennymustardadayoffashion7

a few snaps from a couple of agencies.

i wanted to just sneak these into my tote bag and walk home.jennymustardadayoffashion15jennymustardadayoffashion14

i’m wearing
david’s equality t-shirt from weekday
adpt. sweater*
monki grey cardigan
we trousers*
5 preview cotton tote bag*
bering watch*
vegan dr. martens

*sponsored product


we walked home through the city in the most perfect sunlight. berlin is a walker’s paradise.


by the way guys, me and david are thinking about doing like proper vlogs, where we bring you guys with us on normal working days. would that be anything you’d be into watching ? let me know what you think ^.^

love // jenny

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  1. i would love to watch anything of what you and David do in a day, your so simple and assuasive. I love that!

  2. I absolutely adore your sense of fashion! :) You are so beautiful.

  3. I just absolutely love your minimalist style! And I’d definitely love to see some vlogs, it would be so interesting to see what your everyday life is like xx

  4. This was an awesome post! Like the others I love anything you all decide to post…I love natural vlogs. Also…when I read the blog post title for some reason I thought it said..”pregnancy”! Lol I got so happy for the two of you at any rate. Awesome outfit and adorable shoes!

  5. I’d love to ser your everyday life, guys! I think that’s another very interesting way of creating content and taking into account that everything you do is awesome… Even watching you brushing your teeth would be inspiring! I’m looking forward to it! <333

  6. I’m so happy that you got your style mojo back. That’s actually the reason why I started reading and following your blog. Your outfit is something I would definitely wear. Androgynous, black and simple. That’s what I love.
    I also love the idea of ‘take your followers to work’ videos ;)

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