FASHION : be a pacifist

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i feel so relaxed today. the trees outside our windows are may green, flooding the rooms with a fresh-as-can-be light green glow. so i had to share that light with you.

wearing ZL by ZLISM bomber jacket, and damage headband and harness. i love this jacket, although i’m definitely the opposite of a warrior, like the back says. i’m more of a pacifist than a warrior. a lover than a fighter.

zlismbomber zlismbomber2 zlismbomber4  zlismbomber6 zlismbomber8zlismbomber5 zlismbomber10 zlismbomber11 zlismbomber12zlismbomber9

may is almost over. it’s my favourite month of the year, so i need to go out and experience it.
catch you later.

peace // jenny


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