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we’ve got a whole new year in front of us and everything seems crisp and clean. who knows what fun and intriguing styles 2017 has up its sleeve ?
i, for one, is dying to find out.

january is the month of inspiration. if you, like me, live in a cold climate – there’s really not much else to do than crawl up in some cosy place and get inspired by your favourite bloggers, movies, magazines and books.
here are my TOP 3 fashion inspirations right now.

1. noora from skam
everyone’s talking about this girl, and rightly so. the character noora in the norwegian tv show skam ( or shame as i think it’s called internationally ), is effortlessly cool. her style is also perfect for this weather, with long, boyish coats, chunky knitwear, turlenecks, and a makeup to die for – pale eyes and fresh face, with deep red or purple lips.

2. the streets of berlin
i feel like i haven’t really thought about my own style in a while. instead, i’ve sort of just let it happen. we took a walk around the city the other day, and oh man i got so inspired ! berlin really has some gorgeous inhabitants to rest your eyes on.
and it motivated me to style my heart out ! and of course to take photos to show you the results. hopefully 2017 will go down as a fashion forward year with lots of innovative designs.

3. frankie + clo
i’ve just started following frankie + clo on instagram ( @frankieandclo ), and yes yes yes – this account is to die for !
all the unusual shapes and clean looks you could ever wish for. and energetic enough to be super inspiring. take a look and let me know what you think.

hope you’ve gotten some fashion inspo to start the new year with, and that you’re having fun with your own style.
i’m so excited to do lots of styling and take unreasonable amounts of photos. who’s with me ?

love // jenny

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i’m wearing top* from samsoe & samsoe, and trousers* from ade velkon

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  1. Love hearing your fashion inspo! You really inspire me to try out new shapes of clothes, something unusual. I may have to venture out.

    You also may have inspired me to try out wearing more white. White is a colour for clothing that has always scared me because I’ve never been successful at CLEANING white without tragedy. Let’s try!

  2. Your description of noora’s style has encouraged me to see the show. I’m starting tomorrow :)

  3. I’ve been watching skam for a while now, and you mentioning Noora makes me super happy! Her style is goals and my wardrobe is totally inspired by her atm with mom jeans and fitted turtlenecks.

  4. Kathryn Murdoch

    You’re my inspo ;) I like burgandy in my palette but you’ve inspired my to develop my own style/themes, look at materials and shapes more and work with what’s in my wardrobe already as well as a host of other things. It’s super exciting. Love you and thank you. x

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