FASHION : exoskeleton

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one of the looks i wore to berlin FW the other week. gorgeous huh ?


i’m wearing
fiona tori top*
monki trousers
vagabond vegan sandals*
bering rings*
pieces & julie sandlau chain* (as bracelet)

*sponsored product



oh and have a look at our FW vlog if you want to check out what we got up to !

love // jenny

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  1. Hi Jenny & David, love your esthetical and ethical approach through minimalism. Your posts and videos are always very inspirational ! I would like to know if you have a list of brands that makes ethical clothes (for men or unisex). After researching it is really hard to distinguish what is part of the communication of the brands and what is real. Hope you can help a follower ;) Kind regards.

  2. Hi, your videos and your blog posts are amazing. I love the way you style your clothes and I’ve recently become a Minimalist. I’ve following your videos to get inspiration and advice!
    I’ve realised how much clutter I have and I should’ve known this before as I move around a lot and I don’t need material goods to make me happy. All you need is yourself! I’ve made a blog recently because of how much you’ve inspired me! Thank you soo much and please don’t ever stop making videos!!

    Chloe x

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