TREND : faux fur from ZLISM

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sometimes i get real lucky. like when ZL by ZLISM asked me if i wanted to take some pics in their clothes. ok, why not i thought, and was expecting 2 or 3 pieces. a few days later, a box from hong kong with 11 pieces (among which 3 winter coats) showed up on my doorstep.
needless to say i’m over the moon. the clothes are simply amazing.

so guys, we need to talk about this faux fur. i feel like this is one of those pieces i’ll be able to wear forever. and i have never ever in my life felt a faux fur this soft. i want to go to sleep wearing it.
it’s so warm, i wasn’t even freezing shooting in my underwear in the snow.

this was yesterday. new coat – new snow – same old boyfriend. add some champagne, strawberries and a fireplace, and you get a pretty good idea of my wednesday. we were celebrating.

zlism3c    zlism7zlism8   zlism11 zlism12

oh and some exciting news: we’re looking into start selling ZL by ZLISM clothes on our very own website MIND THE MUSTARD soon. stay tuned.

find ZL by ZLISM on facebook
and check out their website

hope you had as nice a day yesterday as i did xx

love // jenny


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