FASHION : how to find your personal style

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a very requested video, this one !
how do we find our own personal style, taste, and fashion preferences ?
and a lot of fun for me to make, because i really had to think about something that i normally just take for granted. so a big thank you to everyone who has asked me to talk about this issue – it’s very interesting ^.^

i don’t care what style you come up with – it will be gorgeous in my eyes if you yourself are happy with it. that’s the beauty of style – that we all have a unique taste, just meant for us.

so i hope that this video encourages you a little to dare to listen to your own idea of what’s chic, stylish, fashionable, and beautiful. how you dress can be a wonderfully artistic expression of who you are – something we should all have the right to exercise.

love // jenny

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  1. Hey grrl! Absolutely loved this video on personal style! In recent years I’ve become pretty excited about my personal style which is something I like to call “grown up goth”. I was a club kid for almost 20 years and wore really outrageous gothic/industrial clothing 4-5 nights a week. Now that I am older but still definitely trad goth, I still feel most comfortable in all black but sometimes I will wear greys, blues or greens. White clothing makes me terribly uncomfortable. So to describe my personal style in a sentence…here goes: “Grown up goth” is a sophisticated, minimal, and chic personal style with mostly all black clothing, minimal adornment and futuristic silhouettes. Check out my “grown up goth” pinterest page:
    luv, Amber (aka blackhoodygrrl)

  2. Thanks so much! I’ve found it helpful to gather “inspiration materials” to help me identify how I’d like to express myself and my own style to the world. Have you made any vision-boards or anything like that? I’m also wondering the brand of that reversible vest—absolutely LOVE.

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