FASHION : how to look hot in the cold | autumn chill lookbook

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i don’t know about your hometown, but berlin is getting cold !
we wen’t from 30 degrees celsius, down to 10 in just about a week’s time. that’s no joke.

no matter how we feel about it, winter is creeping up on us. at least us here in the north. and few things kill style as much as extreme weather. in crazy heat or blood-freezing cold, it’s hard to look your best and feel excited about dressing. so today i’m sharing my best tips for having fun with your style and looking chic, even when the autumn winds are starting to howl.

material, layers, colours, trends – i discuss all of those fun things in my new autumn lookbook video. take a look, why don’t you ?

i know my style is minimalist and monochromatic. but no matter if you go more for modern and sleek, or colourful and fun – i hope my tips will be modifiable enough to apply to your style and wardrobe. if you do try any of them out, i would love it if you’d tag me on instagram !

btw, some of these items we’ve bought ourselves, and some we’ve gotten gifted by the brands. let me know if you want details ^.^

and go ahead and check out my WARDROBE TOUR video if you haven’t already !

love // jenny

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  1. Love this. So important to keep the style in winter. I’m inspired to let my moodiness shine through. I can tend to feel the pressure to look like winter is in no way affecting me, but HEY it is.. And it’s okay to show it.
    Thanks – as always for the inspiration

  2. I don’t miss the rapid temperature swings in German, but I do miss warm summers! Having said that, autumn has definitely arrived in Ireland too, although it’s less of a shock – summer was mostly around 16-18 degrees, and now it’s around 10-13.

    Great styling tips!

  3. I like this topic. Would also love to see you dress up for the bitter bitter cold, like freezing temps and major winds.

  4. Loved the video! It’s getting so much colder here in Leipzig (where I live now) then I’m used to in the Netherlands. I really like layering!

  5. I just love your photos. Winter is tough to maintain style or fashion. But your winter fashion tips are really great. As a fashion designer I really appreciate it.

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