FASHION : inspired by jojo pearson aka lemonadejar

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this photo shoot was so much fun – because the theme is so unusual and it really got me going creatively.

do you know jojo pearson aka @lemonadejar on ig ? if not, you should check this babe out. i’ve been following her since like forever, and the other week we got to talking about how we should each do a look inspired by the other person. how interesting to style ! and it works out so well since we have such similar aesthetics anyway.


the fun challenge for me was to be able to incorporate jojo’s trademark cold and beautiful sea creature-esque pastels into my normally very black-and-white look, and still have it feel like me. do you think i managed ?

anyone else you’d like to see me get inspired by in a shoot ? this was fun !


and oh, you just have to take a look at the pics jojo took inspired by my look. they’re almost freaking me out a bit, cause she actually looks exactly like me in her photos !

love // jenny

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  1. The photos are beautiful and inspiring! Maybe it is not your usual color but this blue-green looks gorgeous on you :)

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