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another day, another flat. this is truly a never ending story – finding an apartment in berlin. i know i keep just going on about this, but it still is something we put so much energy into. i think that in one sense, we won’t be able to feel like we’ve competely moved to this city properly until we have an empty flat of our own.

the other day we went have a look at an apartment to rent over the summer. it’s not empty, it wouldn’t be our own, but that still seems impossible at this time ( paperwork paperwork, how you screw up my life ).

anyway, besides from that, we’re totally over the moon to be here. it’s getting so warm and lovely, the people you meet ar all in their best moods, and berlin is taking care of us and throwing adventures our way daily.


so i don’t want to complain about the apartment situation too much, waiting a bit longer is a small price to pay for being in this beauty of a city.

this is what i was wearing when we went to the viewing btw. i got these lovely pieces from selected the other day, plus the silver chain from pieces & julie sandlau.


thing is, the trousers turned out to be quite similar to these ones i already have, so i decided to make them a pair of cut-offs instead. the unfinished frayed edges are so on trend right now as well ( as seen on every fashion blog ever ^.^ ) so that’s good news for all of us who like to alter our wardrobes – no hemming needed !
just make sure the material is fray-willing. these trousers worked well, but denim is probably your best bet.

depending on the material of the trousers, you might need to just secure the seam with a few stitches so that it doesn’t come undone on up the legs. i did mine just in case !


i’m wearing
selected shirt*
selected trousers*
pieces & julie sandlau chain*
bering rings*
vagabond shoes*

*sponsored products


we’ve got a vlog coming up tomorrow if you want to see more from the flat hunting, plus whatever else we’ve been up to lately !
see you tomorrow.

love // jenny

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