FASHION : the coolest colour combo for pre-summer suave

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grey, white, nude, repeat.
that’s all you have to do this season to look smart, summery, simple and sleek.

the big perk of keeping your colour combo neutral in non-contrasting shades is that any given item will go with everything else you own. the variation possibilities are endless !


i know that it’s generally said that greys and beige/nudes don’t go that well together since they’re cool vs warm respectively, but i don’t agree with that at all. i find the combination interesting and fresh. look for instance at how the grey socks in these pics match with the nude shoe. i’m not hating at that one bit.

jennymustardsummercolourcombo8jennymustardsummercolourcombo2 jennymustardsummercolourcombo5

before you ask, no i don’t get tired of wearing neutrals. i don’t miss colours in my wardrobe. and i always feel most like myself and most confident in monochrome.
and besides – if i feel like a pop of colour, i go with makeup. a berry lip, pale pink eye shadow, mauve or deep purple nails, you get the idea.


i’m wearing
monki t-shirt dress
monki scarf
bering watch and ring*
vagabond vegan shoes*
weekday socks
vegan bum bag from our creative corner pick eliška knotková*

*sponsored products


whatever’s on trend at the moment, go with the colours that make you feel most confident. to me, that’s what style is all about.

love // jenny

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  1. Jenny, I loved running into you and David in Mitte today! I was rushing to meet my other Swedish friend in the park, so didn’t stop to chat with you. You two are even cuter in real life. Keep up the good work!!

  2. Hi, I’ve been following your blog for some time and you two do some really good job. Since you are living in Berlin now, have you heard about foodsharing? ( It’s kind of a German thing, but I guess you might be interested. Basically you go to the stores at the closing time and pick up the food they haven’t managed to sell during the day and won’t be able to the next day. The idea is to save food from landing in the garbage. This community became pretty big in Berlin. The best thing for vegans is even some markets and organics stores cooperate. There’s a group which saves food on Boxhagener Platz market on Saturdays – but you have to be a foodsharing member, or every Tuesday and Friday on Maybachufer, where you can just come and join, these are my personal favourites. Usually you end up with like an Ikea bag full of free and yummi food and it’s so much fun.

  3. Those colours are lovely on you, Jenny!
    As for myself, I’m having a hard time prying myself out of my blacks even in summer…!

  4. In my opinion greys and nudes go together very nicely, and you proved it. Love every detail of your outfit!

  5. I absolutely love this dress shirt thing. Where could I find it? <3

  6. Hi Jenny
    I m a newcomer to your gorgeous blog and I am literally devouring your blog posts and vlogs and everything you have done on Youtube!!
    I love your style and aesthetic and while I could never carry it off (age and body shape is an issue!!) I am very inspired by your choice of neutral colours for clothing …I always feel slightly uncomfortable in any kind of print (unless its really small) and I have decided to follow your lead and get rid of all patterned items in my wardrobe and try and wear only greys, navy, white and black!

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