FASHION : top-to-bottom oversized – why we need it

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a look i wore a couple of weeks ago, when getting interviewed by my agency ( have a look at the vlog here ).

i always feel good in top-to-bottom oversized. i know a lot of people feel like they’re drowning in clothes like these, but they are my go-to for comfort and professional, while still standing out quite a bit.
and how easy is that – just a top, trousers and some sneakers and we’re good to go. hassle-free clothing !


for me, grey is just never wrong, i feel like grey makes a piece look more luxurious than most other colours.

i’m wearing
monki dress/top
monki trousers
adidas shoes
bering watch*
kavat tote bag*

*sponsored product


ok i need to do my makeup now !
we’re going to an event later with the dress code ‘boho glamour’ – wish me luck cause i kind of don’t even know what that means ^.^

love // jenny

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  1. Grey is amazing, but I always think the colour that looks best on you, Jenny, is cream. Probably because it goes with your hair!

  2. I’m generally indifferent to eye makeup (or just don’t notice it). But I LOVE yours!

  3. i’ve come to value comfort so much over the last few years when it comes to clothes! i find i’m so much more relaxed (and therefore creative and productive) if i’m wearing comfortable clothing like this. nice photos! :)

  4. Fabulous outfit! Wearing oversize top to bottom and looking so great is something quite difficult in my opinion and you do it just perfectly.

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