FASHION : why the white tee is a wardrobe essential

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i’m an avid user of the white t-shirt as a staple item. i find it incredibly simple yet sexy.

do you remember that tv-series the L word ?
after it had stopped airing, me and david binge watched it. we got tired of it after a while so didn’t actually watch it to the end. we should totally do that !


anyway, in one of the first few episodes, character jenny comes home from work if i remember it right, and her boyfriend is throwing a party. she goes to change her outfit and simply pulls on a white tee with no bra, and some black jeans ( i think ), and that’s her party outfit.

i remember finding that so unusual and attractive. and a little bit daring. to dress down when going to a party. ever since watching that episodes ages ago, i’ve had a thing for white tees with no bra. androgynous and sexy.


i’m sipping on green tea here in stockholm right now, with tons and tons of layers on – dreaming of better times, when it’s warm enough to be comfortable in nothing more than a white tee and some thigh-highs.

love // jenny

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  1. I love white tees! I’ve been struggling to find the perfect v-neck, the quality has to be right so no matter how many times you wash it the brightness doesn’t run x

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