FASHION : what to wear on business meetings as a blogger

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these pics are from yesterday when me and david were on our way to have a lunch meeting with a pr agency here in berlin. after that we went to the youtube space here in berlin and hung out with other youtubers for a few hours.

so i’ve realised that i’ve changed completely how i dress for business meetings or other work related stuff. i used to tone my style down whenever i would go on an interview or meeting, but not anymore.
the good thing about being a fashion and lifestyle blogger is that the people on the other side of the table want to work with you because of your style – not in spite of it.


that doesn’t mean that i don’t think twice about what i’m wearing. i still want to look professional even though i stay true to my style. so i might not wear the most see-through top, or my most over the top makeup. at least not for the first meeting ^^

or actually i just realised i’ve done just that once before…


so this was my outfit yesterday. i felt really comfortable, fun, and still sort of strict.
i’m wearing my zl by zlism bomber jacket*, monki trousers, noisy may crop top*, and only oversized waistcoat*.

and so far it doesn’t seem like i’ve freaked anyone out. then again, most people i have meetings with have seen my pics, so they know what to expect i guess.


so to all my fellow bloggers or other self-employed people, i want to give you some encouragement to dress and behave as yourself when on meetings. just remember that they are there because of you and your work. most companies will want you to stand out and be yourself.

love // jenny

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  1. Love the clothes you’ve been wearing. I usually favor solid colors in browns, whites, blacks, reds with dresses, skirts, coats, jackets, sweaters, as well as pants.
    My dentist left a book on his office table about fashions throughout the centuries. I am so glad that “anything” goes nowadays, instead of looking pretty much alike. Guess we have the past hippy rebels to thank for that!
    Thanks again, Jenny

  2. jenny, the outfit is just lovely. i don’t want to be the old granny here, i can’t help but ask: aren’t you cold in those crop tops in this chilly weather?

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