FASHION : why look cute when working out ?

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we took some pics on our evening walk yesterday. it’s just a brilliant way to either start off, or round up, a working day – don’t you think ?

i’m not sure if this is just me, but i’m truly more motivated to work out when i’m feeling cute in my workout wear. is that strange ?
a kawaii pair of socks, a little bit of lipstick, layering up to create a cohesive look, a nice watch. it doesn’t take much.

ok, so my workouts are very low on the intensity scale, i just like walking, hiking, pilated, that sort of thing. when doing more heavy duty workouts, looking cute might not always be practical i guess ?

jennymustardworkoutwear10jennymustardworkoutwear1 jennymustardworkoutwear2 jennymustardworkoutwear3

workout wear is so hot though. feels like sports brands have really come out of their bright-neon-everything-pink corner they’ve been haning out in since the what… the 80s ?

here’s for the futuristic, badass sportswear trend, that looks both functional and hella tough. think rocky balboa rather than richard simmons. who’s with me ?


the weather yesterday looked so promising. clear blue skies and that magical late afternoon spring light. but as soon as we stepped outside, heavy dark clouds just came crashing in. and by the end of this 10 minute shoot – it had even started to snow. snow ! come on april, you can do better than this.
luckily i had brought another sweatshirt just in case ^.^

i’m wearing
thrifted american apparel hoodie ( only 50p – that’s what i call a bargain people ! )
noisy may crop top*
only play leggings*
adidas trainers
bering watch*

*sponsored product


ok, off to do some finishing touches on tomorrows video, and then hurry hurry to meet up ebba for an event tonight.

love // jenny

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  1. I really love that you mention which products are sponsored. It’s nice to see transparency, so many youtubers/ bloggers revolve their entire post around a sponsored product without telling their audience it’s sponsored, and you never really know if they actually like/ use the product or are doing it for the money. Thanks for being one of the real ones Jenny! Lots of love x

  2. I love that top, it looks so original and just “right”! Generally that look is super great, yay! Looking cute is important, I agree, although really hard on the gym or something similar, especially if you have that type of face that gets red quickly. I would probably like to put on some make up (otherwise I look like an early teen instead!) but I’m scared sweat would ruin it and I would look like a raccoon, hah. So fancy leggins and tops have to be enough ;) But I don’t mind, after all I’m not there to look good but to do good job, so!

  3. Your outfit ideas are so inspirational! I love that your fashion is really tasteful but also very original. It’s definitely not strange for you to feel more motivated to work out when you’re wearing cute gear–I feel the exact same way!

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