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have you found your own personal style yet ? do you know what your core aesthetic is, and have a clear image of what your dream wardrobe looks like ? are you confused every morning getting dressed, wondering if you’re being on trend enough, and what your outfit really says about you ?
don’t worry, i’m here to help !

sometimes it can feel a little overwhelming with all the impressions and visuals we are seeing form all of our favourite internet people, and our own style can get a bit lost when our minds are so flooded with images.
so i’ve come up with 3 fun, easy, and helpful thought experiments that you can do to better get an idea of what your personal style really is. after these 3 exercises, i hope you’ll see styling an outfit and getting dressed in the morning as something fun, instead of something daunting or stressful.

i talk about :
– the 5 year technique !
– my own style evolution !
– not getting lost in digital style distractions !?
– but can instagram also HELP us find our style !?
– the 3 all-mighty keywords !
– how to know what to shop ?
– finding your aesthetic once and for all !?

now go have fun styling your next outfit – i’m sure it will be epic !

love // jenny

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  1. My #3: “chic,” “classy” and “whimsical.”

    Your book has just arrived…, damaged :( Amazon is sending me a replacement. Looking forward to reading it! Thank you for all your work :)

  2. In order to define your personal style, assuming hiring a personal stylist is not an option, I would suggest you
    1) Observe some basic rules. No matter how much you are ready to experiment with the wardrobe, there are still some common sense rules – no torn jeans in the office, no sandals and socks, etc.
    2) Pay attention to what the celebrities are wearing, what style they are manifesting. They have hordes of stylists working for them, so you will be looking at something already refined and acceptable. This is what Jenny calls “How other people are using style to express themselves” – fully agree. Just make sure you pick something which is appealing to you and yet no too far from the style you have now.
    3) INVEST in few high-quality essentials that create the backbone of your style. SPEND wisely on cheaper accessories or seasonal items to spice up your wardrobe according to your unique style.
    4) Go shopping with a style-conscious friend of opposite gender and ask their opinion before buying stuff.

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