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have you found your own personal style yet ? do you know what your core aesthetic is, and have a clear image of what your dream wardrobe looks like ? are you confused every morning getting dressed, wondering if you’re being on trend enough, and what your outfit really says about you ?
don’t worry, i’m here to help !

sometimes it can feel a little overwhelming with all the impressions and visuals we are seeing form all of our favourite internet people, and our own style can get a bit lost when our minds are so flooded with images.
so i’ve come up with 3 fun, easy, and helpful thought experiments that you can do to better get an idea of what your personal style really is. after these 3 exercises, i hope you’ll see styling an outfit and getting dressed in the morning as something fun, instead of something daunting or stressful.

i talk about :
– the 5 year technique !
– my own style evolution !
– not getting lost in digital style distractions !?
– but can instagram also HELP us find our style !?
– the 3 all-mighty keywords !
– how to know what to shop ?
– finding your aesthetic once and for all !?

now go have fun styling your next outfit – i’m sure it will be epic !

love // jenny

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  1. My #3: “chic,” “classy” and “whimsical.”

    Your book has just arrived…, damaged :( Amazon is sending me a replacement. Looking forward to reading it! Thank you for all your work :)

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