FOOD : 5 spices every kitchen should have

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happy world vegan day !

today’s vlog is all about kitchen basics – spices to be precise.
here’s a list of 5 of my favourite spices, hope you like it.

what do you think, do you want me to do more of these kind of videos ?
i think they’re quite fun right ? and i’d love to hear all about your fav spices too !

love // jenny

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  1. hey there! nothing post-related but maybe something for the next Q&A-session! I was wondering if you work out at all? if so, would be great to get some inspo for pre- or post-workout snacks/meals or just on the go-snacks in general, like energy bars etc!

  2. CINNAMON! i love it just as much as you do, it reminds me of a lovely winter evening at home :) mine are (besides cinnamon) salt, curry, oregano, thyme and ginger

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