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oh i’m so excited to share this post !
one of our final nights in portland, we had a grain-off – basically trying five different grains, score them, and decide the winner of the tastiest grain contest !

we were at our hosts sara and ian’s place, and we had the contest with our sort of pre-dinner drink. having a glass of wine, tasting the different grains, giving little comments.
when we were tasting grain #4, sara suddenly starts laughing pointing out that we’re like a parody of portland people. like straight out of a portlandia episode. actually having a grain tasting. with organic, locally produced grains of course.
how funny !
and a little bit embarrassing ^^

moving on to the contest !
the contestants are ( from top right corner clockwise ) :
– amaranth
– rye berries
– millet
– buckwheat
– oat groats


now, before we get down to the scoring, we need to clear something out.
we made a mistake when cooking the buckwheat !
i’m used to cooking it for quite long, but this must have been some kind of instant buckwheat cause they got soggy and fell apart after just one minute.

so in buckwheat’s defence, this wasn’t exactly a fair game.

amaranth and rye berries

oat groats, buckwheat and millet

ok let’s move on the the scores ! which grain is the tastiest ?
we scored the grains from 1 to 5.
5 being the most delicious little treat, 1 being boring and bland.
here goes :

sara : 4
ian : 2
david : 2
jenny : 3
total : 11

oat groats
sara : 5
ian : 3
david : 3
jenny : 5
total : 16

sara : 3
ian : 2
david : 2
jenny : 5 ( but based on previous non-overcooked experiences )
total : 12

sara : 5
ian : 3
david : 4
jenny : 2
total : 14

rye berries
sara : 4
ian : 4
david : 1
jenny : 5
total : 14


and the winner is … oat groats !
with millet and rye berries close seconds. actually they were all quite close.
for example, i go more for rye and buckwheat – which have nuttier, earthier flavours. and david likes millet the best, which was my least favourite.

anyway this contest was a lot of fun ! you should have a go, it’s a fun thing to do together.
i want to have more food-offs. like vegan milks, nut butters, exotic strange fruits, teas, beans, and chili fruits.
it’s fun thing to do with other foodie friends, don’t you think ?

in conclusion, i think that grains are so underrated. most of us don’t go further down the grain aisle than pasta and white rice ^^
there are so many fun ones out there, with distinct and unusual flavours. i’m dying to try more of them now !


which is your favourite grain ?
and do you have any suggestions on other food contests we should have ?

love // jenny

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cooking with grains :
black rice and lentil wraps / rye berry salad with kimchi sauce / green buckwheat porridge with mushrooms
jennymustardcollardgreenwraps1c jennymustardkimchisourcream6 jennymustardbuckwheatporridge2small


  1. Interesting and fun to see what you guys like the most! I love oat groats and buckwheat, but i’ve never tasted amaranth. Must try it as soon as possible!

    • yeah oat and buckwheat are the best :D
      totally, there are so many fun ones to try ! <3

  2. Hi Jenny,
    Oat groats and bulgur wheat are a food staple at my home ( grew up eating a lot of yummy homemade gardenburgers.)
    I need to expand my “grains” horizons!
    Loved your “buckwheat seaweed pancakes” recipe, so I’ll be making it more. And your homemade oatmilk recipe!
    Want to add that I’ve already made your “cashue cheese” and “Key lime pie” several times. Sooo delicious!

  3. Vilken rolig ide och jag haller helt med om att gryner borde fa mycket mer uppmarksamhet!
    Mina favoriter ar kortgrynigt brunt ris (heter det sa? jag har varit utomlands for lange, ursakta mojligtvis kass oversattning), ‘vilt’ ris och rod eller svart quinoa. Jag har dock borjat ge hirs och bovete mer uppmarksamhet pa senare dagar. Hur som helst, tack for ett roligt inlagg!

    Malin x

  4. Oats groats are my favorite also, their texture and taste is just so good. Loved this post! Thank you.

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