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it shouldn’t come as news that i’m a major tea lover.

i usually drink about four cups a day. it’s like my instant relaxation fix.

my favourite kind is green tea.
green jasmine tea is beyond compare.
equally as good in a different way is genmai cha – green tea with toasted brown rice.
i also enjoy a good sencha or gunpowder.

black is always good too of course.
david drinks earl grey, so i usually have a cup with him in the morning.
my favourite black tea though is lapsang – smoked black tea with a flavour that hits you like a whack in the face.
a cup of vegan chai latte is never wrong in wintertime either, so spicy and warming.
anything floral or fruity tasting ? hell to the no, i can’t stand that stuff. taste like liquid candy to me ^.^

i’m not a huge fan of herbal teas i have to admit.
to me, most flavours taste too earthy and not fresh enough. so chamomile, rooibos, hibiscus, and other blends are a no no in my tea collection.
i do enjoy a cup of mint tea, when using fresh mint leaves. and nettle tea is ok. but just ok.

i really want to like herbal teas though, so if you know of any type that you think i would like – please hit a girl up.
and i’m dying to hear what your favourites teas are, there’s so many to choose from !

also, we’ve got a little announcement coming up tomorrow, so stay tuned ^.^

love // jenny

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  1. I love flavoured teas, both green and roibos, but I also drink fruit teas like berry or apple and cinnamon flavour. I only rarely drink black tea when I go out because I like it with a drop of milk but usually prefer to keep things vegan.
    Basically, I drink tea all day, at least five large mugs of it!

  2. My favorites are green tea with matcha, or green tea with mint. I do like a good chai or cinnamon tea in the winter though. I agree with the fruity teas… I do not like them much.

  3. I’m honestly a bit shocked that you don’t enjoy herbal teas, they’re my favourite! a nice herb for women’s problems is lady’s mantle, I get it at the pharmacy. if I drink a cup daily just a few days before my period starts, the pain doesn’t get as bad! and I like the taste! hope you have a lovely evening, jenny!

  4. You could try White Tea, it’s very smooth and it tastes delicious. My favorite one is called Bai Hao Yin Zhen or Silver Needles. It’s a little bit complicated to find but it’s reaaaally good!

    I usually drink a lot of tea cups a day, mu favorites are Pu Erh, Green Tea, White Tea and of course Black Tea with some Vegan Milk :)

  5. Do you enjoy ginger tea? I used to hate it but acquired a taste for it. It’s great with fresh lemon slices, a cinnamon stick and a piece of star anise. Or just the lemon and some mint leaves.
    My favourite tea at the moment is genmaicha but the ol’ Earl will always have a place in my heart ♥
    As herbal teas go, I can recommend mate and honeybush. But I am not sure if you would like them because mate is really earthy/ grassy and honeybush goes in the same direction as rooisbos.
    When I need to get calm I enjoy a mix of hemp tea (e.g. “just relax” by Austrohemp) and lavender blossoms. It tastes really nasty when you’re not used to it, but it gets better everytime and it really helps to get sleepy zZz

  6. I also can’t get enough of jasmine green! I go through a tin of loose leaf every few weeks. It’s my relaxation fix. Genmaicha too (especially with sushi) is wonderful. ❤️

  7. Eva O' Brien

    I used to love green tea – I maybe even drank it too much! Now I’m going through a phase of preferring black tea – I like Darjeeling because it’s really light and fresh, and Oolong is lovely too, it’s kind of halfway between green and black and it tastes gorgeous!
    I’m also not a fan of herbal teas, especially the berry ones, I’m with you there! I prefer just having hot water with a slice of lemon if I want a hot drink but have had enough tea. Thanks for the post, you have me thinking about green tea again…

  8. Fresh ginger tea is one of my fav and is known for it’s medecine effects on your digestive system. 1/2 thumb cut into a few peaces and boiled for 5 min and then let it rest for 5, then enjoy! Great in the mornings and is nice with black tea too ;-)
    Luv your style & what you do!

  9. Have you tried Yogi teas? I love them especially the original with all the cinnamon and spice! I also swear by the Tea Pigs Liquorice & Peppermint. Good choice with the genmai cha❤️

  10. Have you tried Tusli tea? It’s an herb… also known as Holy Basil. Maybe earthy? …..whatever that means. I have a whole drawer full of teas but I if I have Tulsi on hand I always chose it. If I run out then the others will have a chance. I’m just starting this journey of living more minimally so now that I am writing this I’m suddenly aware that I should tackle that tea drawer and just put a nice jar of Tulsi tea on the counter. Thanks for your inspiration Jenny.

  11. Can’t live without macha tea for the lift and it’s goodness! I whisk it with homemade almond milk, cinnamon and a dash of turmeric. Love fresh mint tea with a squeeze of lemon (very Dutch!). Also love white teas.

  12. Oh, herbal tea <3 big love! I don't like any fruity or flavoured teas and only occasionally drink green tea cause it makes me dizzy. Love green jasmine though.
    Herbal tea:
    I loooove the yogi tea throat comfort tea, it's probably my favorite tea of all times. Should you have acess to sonnentor tea, you might want to try the glückstee, since you like mint tea.
    Oh, and rose tea.

  13. I also drink about 4-5 cups of tea a day and my favourite green tea is jasmine green tea. But in the winter time I like fruit flavoured rooibos tea, it has so warm character. I like the benefits of nettle tea. Morrocan mint tea is amazing and herbal teas from rose petals, coriander leaves, juniper berries( just awesome)…

  14. Jasmine green tea is my favorite too! My fav herbal tea is Tulsi (holy basil) teas. It’s spectacular ! I highly recommend! Love you Jenny xx

  15. I think the biggest problem with many herbal teas is that they contain flavoring that isn’t entirely natural ( aka “natural flavoring”), meaning it isn’t really rose petals in the tea but some rose flavoring. I love tisane blends from T2 – try Bondi, Lemongrass & Ginger, or just mint. my favorite is probably Ruby Red Rosehip, but I love the combination of sweet and tart :)

  16. I love Keemun-Tea from China. It has a soft smokey taste.
    Most herbal Teas aren’t my favs…but I love the “Frauen Power”-Tea from YogiTea. You can find it in organic Shops.

  17. Hei, Jenny, yes i know a herbat tea you might like: Verveine ( Zitronenverbene), French people love it. It’s pure, only the herb in dried form. In summertime I usually buy a fresh plant on the market, even better. Enjoy! <3 I drink almost all kind of tea, but I can't stand the taste of licorice (Süßholzwurzel) , so I always have to read all the ingredients before buying. Best are from my garden, Sage, Mint, Melissa! Love, Monika

  18. I’m a total “tea-totaller” – you’re absolutely right that nothing beats sitting down with a cuppa. It really helps me to take a little time to contemplate and relax, and I permit myself this luxury even on the most hectic of days (I need it for my sanity!!)

    I’m like you and not a huge fan of herbal teas, but the Spanish mother of my old roommate recommended drinking thyme tea. It’s marvelous if you have troubles getting to sleep, and also if you’re congested during the winter months. Totally opens up your sinuses. I always drink it while reading before bed. If you like a sweet touch, add a bit of agave. Delish!

  19. It is difficult for me to spend a day without drinking green tea with strawberry and vanilla flavors.
    Last Saturday I also tried yellow tea. I have heard that it is like the Rolls-Royce among cars. I recommend it if you are a tea connoisseur.

  20. Have you ever tried turmeric tea with ginger? It’s super easy to make and has a ton of great health benefits. I started drinking it to help with my sinuses but I also find it calming and delicious! Turmeric has powerful anti-inflammatory effects and is a very strong antioxidant so great for your overall health.

    For 1 serving:
    – Bring 2 cups of water to a boil
    – add 1/2 teaspoon of ground turmeric (I like to use organic)
    – add some fresh chopped or sliced ginger in as well (1 teaspoon or more if you like)
    – reduce heat, cover and let simmer for 10 minutes
    – take off heat and strain into your mug so you don’t get ginger pieces in your mug
    – If you want to sweeten it up, add some agave and I also like to add a splash of almond milk

    If you prefer you can omit the ginger, however, ginger also has a ton of great health benefits and aids with digestion. And you can also add a teaspoon of coconut oil (with the agave and milk) if you’d like to add some fat. I’ve read that adding coconut oil helps with turmeric absorption in your body.

  21. Carissa Emerson

    I seem to remember there was a video which showed how to make the chai lattes, but I can’t remember which one. Can anyone recall what video? Or am I imagining it?

  22. I like black tea, green tea and white tea because they’re all variations of the same tea plant but prepared differently.

    I also love redbush tea, ginger tea if I’m poorly and I’ve tried turmeric which is very nice. I also love cinnamon tea. I don’t usual drink fruit teas – just some fruit teas I got for christmas just home because I’m a minimalist too. I love hot chocolate and dandelion coffee too but the latter is expensive.

  23. I love most teas. I use loose leaf mostly. A few brands have good bags and I take those to work. The flavored teas are minimal, and use natural ingredients. I’ve started drinking turmeric teas in the morning with my savory breakfast. I still get the office viruses, but I’m retaining less water in my body.

  24. I love Darjeeling tea most, probably. I think if more bold teas are your taste, you’ll LOVE this one.
    I also love jasmine green tea pearls. <3
    I definitely agree about the floral teas – not my "cup of tea" ;)

  25. I agree with chopping up fresh ginger to scald it with hot water for some ginger tea being not only deliciously spicy but also, it keeps me warm on those cold winter nights.

    Fennel tea has always been a favourite with me. Adding some anis to that is something you might like.

    My mom grows her own Zitronenverbene and sweetens it with stevia. That tastes a lot better than what you can get in stores, even in organic stores. The same goes for the home-grown mint of the Moroccan kind.

    I also have a soft spot for nettle tea, too, and enjoy it occasionally. The last thing I heard about it though, is that it has been forbidden in France, which sounded downright weird to me.

  26. I like to add a basil leaf into my green tea, or a few leaves of fresh rosemary, and also few cloves and a lemon piece in gunpowder, especially in the winter morning.

  27. I’m obsessed with herbal teas, it’s a shame you don’t like them! My favourites are peppermint, ginger and cayenne pepper tea, green tea with citrus, and red berry and hibiscus tea. Let me know if you find one you like! :)


  28. Roasted dandelion root tea is lovely- bold and toasty. Also, red raspberry leaf tea is great and also very good for you. It tastes almost like black tea. Both should be steeped 10-15 min depending on how strong you like it.

  29. I love Milky Oolong – so tasty! Japanese green tea is an all time favourite, too. If you like recommendations for herbal teas try bamboo (different mixes from tee maass in Germany) I think you‘ll love it. Also tea from Løv is amazing.

    Lot‘s of love. I really enjoy absorbing your contents.

  30. Currently my personal favorite is a high quality oolong. It’s quite earthy.

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