FOOD : the 5 worst things about veganism

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you’ve asked for it, so here goes – the 5 worst things about veganism !
and we think some of these might surprise you. at least we were surprised ourselves making the list ^.^

this video has been requested ever since we made the 5 worst things about minimalism video. it’s a lot of fun to take a lighthearted look at the less appetising sides of a lifestyle. there are few things we love more than being vegan though, so it wasn’t easy to come up with this list !

we talk about anything from health, specific foods, being judged and criticized, to being freaked out by meat, traveling as a vegan, and feeling like your grouped together with every other vegan on the planet !

it’s a sunday breakfast video though, so we got to have a little life update, and a question of the week of course.

let’s check it out :

who can relate ?
what’s the worst thing you’ve noticed about going vegan ?
or if you’re not vegan, what’s stopping you ?

love // jenny & david

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  1. I really like the podcasts, but whenever I download them from this site I only get about the first 10 min of it and then it just ends there. Could it be my computer? Or something with the download tool? I really don’t want an itunes account so I’d like to figure out why I cannot download a full podcast from the website.
    I would appreciate anyone’s theory about this. I love listening to you guys and hope I could eventually hear a full podcast in my car.

    I wrote this comment in a post before, but thought it would be easier to see in your newest post. :)

  2. I find vegan clothes and shoes expensive, although I get that ethically sourced stuff that *isn’t* made in exploitative conditions using child labor etc, simply has its price. By the way, my question still stands: I’d love some more tips on brands, websites etc which sell vegan shoes, bags, and clothes in different colours (especially black, since that’s what I usually wear!) :-)

  3. Ah, så snyggt att ni lagt in olika bilder när ni presenterar nästa steg. Har tyckt att det varit lite väl upprepande tidigare med samma återkommande bild, så det här var ett mycket tjusigt steg tycker jag :)

  4. Jag önskar också bli vegan men för en fattig plånbok är det inte så lätt
    Märkt väldigt dyrt i Sverige vara vegan

    Saknar din hårfärg du hade innan

    När du reser packar du också som en minimilism ?


    Trevlig helg !

  5. I think the worst thing about being vegan is that sometimes there’s too many options and it’s easy to get swept up in all the vegan junk food instead of getting down to the basics and eating plants.

    I’m from LA and you’re going to have so much fun here. Some of my favorite places are the museum of death in Hollywood, the museum of broken relationships, the Last Bookstore, amoeba records, Little Tokyo, LACMA, the Getty center, and the Norton Simon Museum. Venice Beach is fun too if you’ve never been. But if you’re looking for a nice, clean, beautiful beach to enjoy and relax at, check out Malibu. Some of my favorite vegan restaurants are veggie grill, Shojin Organic and Natural (there’s one in little Tokyo and a more quiet intimate one in Culver City), and also Sage Bistro!

  6. Being on a family getaway and they eat meat for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and not just eat it but talk about how nice the meat is and how you can judge a hotel by the standard of their sausages… Inside you are crying and trying to hold it together but you can’t say one word because they already think you’re extreme and weird and quite possibly mentally ill.

  7. yay! i’m currently planning a trip to san diego in june, but think i’m going to pop up to LA for one of the days (mostly for some vegan donuts). can’t wait to see what y’all do!

  8. Pam Nosworthy

    My five worst things about being vegan are
    1)Knowing the truths about the animal industry and even though i have been vegan for 7 yrs,no matter how hard i try i cannot get suffering animals off my mind,they haunt me.2)I am traumatized when i get confronted with graphic video’s i accidently come across on fb..It affects me forever. 3)Hearing about how good the meat meal was when ppl u know went out for supper or seeing pictures of a giant fish they caught and can see in its eyes the pain it went through as it gasped for oxygen….I ask them to spare me the details.4)Not being invited out to social gatherings…i hear meat eaters ard uncomfortable unknowing what to serve vegans…
    5)Living in a town where there are no vegan restaurants and eating fries too much..
    I am honored to be vegan, its worth dealing with all 5 of the worst things about being vegan.

    I was born and raised in Los Angeles.
    Make sure you visit Griffith Observatory, lots of vegan places in the Echo Park and Silver Lake area (just look on Yelp to guide you), the Getty Museum, Old Town Pasadena, Little Tokyo and Chinatown. If you can catch any show at the Hollywood Bowl, the venue is amazing!

  10. If you magically happen to end up in Columbus, Ohio there is a wonderful vegan restaurant called Portia’s Cafe. I really enjoy your videos thanks you for all the inspiration! I would love to hear Swedish conversations with English subtitles if you should ever like to do that. For me the worst thing about going vegan was simply the learning curve. Growing up eating everything, I felt really deprived and confused at first. But I felt very good after doing it for a long time. I’m not currently vegan, but I would really love to get back into it. Thank you again for the inspiration!!

  11. Love the video! And well yeah I can agree… Worst thing is when you don’t even want to talk about it in a certain moment nor start any discussion, but just the fact that you chose to order something vegan people think they can start asking aaany question and explain why they eat meat. I love to discuss, don’t get me wrong, but i don’t have to have the same talk over and over again just because I choose not to eat steak for lunch, do I? I’m sure you can relate :)

    x, Anova

  12. Thanks for the video, guys! :)

    I don’t have L.A. tips for you but talking about Bayern:
    Nurnberg seems to be a great city for vegans! I’ve been visiting there some weeks ago and found it hard to choose one of the many vegan/vegan options restaurants! ;)

    My worst things about being vegan are:
    – You can’t try most specialities in countries you’re travelling to (special kinds of cheese etc.) easily and always have to look for a place to find vegan versions. So yes, travelling kind of.
    – Shoes and bags. I did love leather before starting to think about it!
    Anyone having any tips where to find great classic vegan portemonnaies?
    – People talking about how vegans always talk about being vegan and trying to influence others – while those people are the only one I know doing so …


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