FOOD : trying weird vegan german food | therese lindgren collab

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boy was this a fun video to shoot !
and when i say fun, i mean in a painfully disgusting way. germans really know how to think outside of the box when it comes to food ^.^
but then again, i guess all countries have their own strange food stuff going on !

so we’ve been planning to do this video since like forever, and when we talked to our favourite swedish youtuber therese lindgren about it, she wanted in.
so we sent a box of weird stuff to her as well, can’t wait to see her video !

for those of you who don’t know therese, her videos are the most entertainment on youtube. we’re always thrilled when we see that she’s uploaded a new video !

one of the reasons we love therese is because she has a rare talent : to be funny without being mean.
so many entertainers need to make jokes on someone else’s expense to be funny, but some people just have a knack for entertaining without going there. it’s so refreshing !

also, just last week therese won the number one swedish youtube award guldtuben !
we were so happy to hear it, because we can’t think of anyone who deserves it more. there are so many amazing ‘tubers out there, but therese is sort of in a league of her own, if you know what it mean ?

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have you ever tried any of these goodies ? let us know what you thought !

and don’t forget to check out our fellow swede therese – you won’t regret it !

love // jenny

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  1. Hi guys, just watched your video (came across your blog in search of vegan recipes after subscribing to your channel; I am a vegetarian trying out vegan recipes). As a German, I must say sorry for the Sauerkraut and apple juice, I did not even know it existed and I don’t know anybody besides you who has ever tried it :-p. Ahoj Brause is something I remember from childhood, we mostly opened the small bags and dipped our fingers into the powder and consumed it without any extra water, quite a fizzy business ;)
    Keep up the fantastic work on your blog and videos, I really enjoy them and they inspire me a lot.

  2. Hej Jenny och David,

    När jag bodde i Tyskland 2006-2007 så shotade vi med brause-pulvret, hällde det i munnen och tog en shot. Smakade aldrig alkohol, livsfarligt! Så roligt att se era klipp!

    Sara SH

  3. Never heard of sauerkraut and apple juice either and I’m from Germany – most Germans definitely don’t drink this! Mon Cheri is actually a very popular sweet but a bit of an acquired taste haha. I’m not at all sure it’s vegan, by the way.
    Thanks for the laugh! Great to watch you two having fun :-)

  4. Thank you for making me laugh about this one, Jennz and David!
    As a german the Ahoj Brause and the rabbit Schokololly brought childhood memories back. As Daniela said above: We used to eat the powder rather than drink it. ;) I never liked Mon Cheri… The Sauerkrautsaft is rather used to detox and the Brottrunk as an energizer, I think. So I doubt germans drink them because of the taste. ;) The Zwergenwiese patés are quite good and also the vegan sausages are not too bad.

  5. you’re so funny, always when you speak in german you sound like the führer.. sorry for that, it does not need to pronounce every word so hard.. but you’re so lovely, thanks for everything!

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