FOOD : what i eat in a day | autumn edition

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as promised, here’s my second what i eat in a day video – this time it’s an autumn edition, so be prepared for warming rustic foods.

let me know if you have any questions about anything in the video. and scroll down for recipes !

first up, here’s a link to my soft and gooey turmeric apple porridge !
jennymustardwhatieatinaday5 jennymustardwhatieatinaday6

remember me posting a recipe for this gorgeous roasted corn soup a while back ?
the original recipe is from gröna skafferiet, i just did some minor changes to mine.

i’ll post the recipe for this super pretty pasta dish with a cheesy chickpea sauce tomorrow ! stay tuned.
( edit : find the pasta recipe here ! )

hope you liked the video ! do you want more what i eat in a day vids ?
let me know what you think – and what your autumn favourites are !

love // jenny

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  1. Tak Jenny, for en skøn video med god inspiration, smukke farver, blid musik og dejlig stemning. Jeg glæder mig til at se kikærtesaucen ^-^

  2. Hey hey it’s me again, I just looooove “what I eat in a day” videos but to be honest, I prefer when you take time to show us every step of the recipe, of course you can’t do it with 3 meals, or with a 50 minutes video ahah!
    I really think that individual recipes, taking time to cook them, it’s more Jenny style, and we (at least me) follow you for yourself :)
    I hope you get it, with my bad English (hello I’m french…)

  3. Hi Jenny,
    I am completely in love with the style of your website and videos!
    Also, your big tea glasses look great, can you tell me where you got them? Thanks!

  4. I love, love, love the video, and yes I’d like to see more along those lines! Thank you for all the inspiration.

  5. These ‘what I eat in a day’ vids are my absolute favourite…please make soooo many more! Loving how practical, inspiring and calming they are. Very cute as well :) Keep ’em coming, girl xo

  6. Hi Jenny,
    thank you very much for all ;;;::::)))))
    What food processor are essential in my kitchen?

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