FOOD : what i eat in a day | fablunch collab edition

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oh yeah it’s time once again – a brand new what i eat in a day video !

this one is special though, because it’s the first ever what i eat in a day collab video we’re making.
and who better to team up with than our favourite lunch lady olga from fablunch !? more than a year ago, she was the very first youtuber we ever did a collab with. she had i think 30k subscribers and we only had 1k back then. so we have her to thank for a lot, she gave us a new group of subbies to grow our channel from.

if you don’t know olga already, you need to check her out asap !
healthy vegan food videos – super beautiful and inspiring. and she’s also the kindest and most supportive person, we’re happy to call her our youtube friend ( hopefully to be our irl friend sometime soon too ).

so regarding this video – here’s how it works :
we have chosen one of olga’s what i eat in a day videos and she has chosen one of ours. and then we just copy each other, meaning that we will eat like the other person for a day to try out each other’s daily diet. fun right ?
i can’t think of a lot of people in the world that i would want to swap diet with for day than olga, and how cool it is to see her eat like me in her video.

if you want to try out any of the recipes in this video, olga has written them all down for you here.
oh and don’t miss out on the video where olga eats like me for a day too ! how fun !

love // jenny

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  1. I’ve never seen you eat any whole grains like quinoa or bulgur etc. Why is that?

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