FOOD : what i eat in a day | spring edition

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i know you guys love when we make what i eat in a day videos, so i’m happy to tell you that we’ve got a brand new one for you today !

this is how we’ve been eating monday to thursday ever since settling in here in berlin. so simple, with minimal time and effort ( and money ) spent.
cooking a big batch of something for dinner monday night, that we can have for lunch tuesday till friday. then on friday nights and on the weekends, we make a bit more of an effort cooking.
let’s take a look !

i’m a happy jenny right now, because we both have lots of kimchi in the fridge and two bags of yummy granola in the pantry. and what makes me even more happy is that david has started to love kimchi too ! yay finally we can share the love of kimchi together ^.^

breakfast was porridge as usual. my turmeric apple porridge to be precise.

lunch ! how tasty does this look ?
it’s very similar to the jenny’s dinner special recipe, just with purple cabbage instead of kale, and rutabaga instead of zucchini.

dinner every week night more or less – nice cream. with mixed berries, frozen chopped kale, and different toppings every night. don’t forget the turmeric, black pepper and cayenne to get an extra nutrient punch in there.

we shot this video last tuesday, and these were the snacks i had that day. you might have seen them on instagram already !
up first was a cup of tea and some dates.

before lunch snack : corn cakes with mustard and tomatoes.

afternoon snack was these cuties. i made the effort to up the kawaii level just for you guys. ok, a little bit for my own sake too ^.^

if you want some more snacking inspo, check out my video ‘how to deal with late night cravings‘.

ok time to go grab a snack. you should too !

love // jenny

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  1. Margaret Webb

    Hey Jenny & David,

    If I could only have food from one country ……(vegan) Indian food for sure -YUM. I cook Indian a lot already- I was fortunate to learn from my girlfriend and her mother -renown as a great cook in her community in Bangalore. She’s ninety now!!
    Loved the beautiful flowers in the vases in your previous post.
    Enjoy your day!!

  2. I love the way you edit your photos–so tasteful and classy! This twist on Jenny’s dinner special recipe looks particularly very delicious! And nice cream for dinner?? That is absolutely genius!

  3. That’s a difficult one. But I guess it would be Italy. Sooo many healthy and fresh vegetables!

  4. I would choose middle eastern food as well – cant get enough of hummus, baba ganush, fresh and roasted vegetables in all possible ways! (a trip to Turkey convinced me)
    But I wouldn’t live without asian food either, like Thai or Indian (creamy coconut curries, grilled tofu and tempeh, fresh lemony and peanuty salads…)
    Oh, that’s more than one.. :)

  5. Oh no… All your old videos are disappearing from YouTube.
    I’m actually sad about it, they were so special and had such a unique atmosphere, and those Swedish cabins in the woods… They felt like old friends.
    I know you can’t be bothered with reuploading them… But maybe in the future?
    I don’t know it’s so strange, I feel as if I lost something (maybe I should just get a life).
    OMG this comment is so sad.

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