FROM BODY HATE TO BODY LOVE – [body image storytime]

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here’s a topic you can talk endlessly about : body image. i used to have quite a different relationship to my body than the one i have today, so here’s a little storytime video for you all, about how david has helped change the way i look on my body.

i talk about:

  • growing up with the 90’s impossible body standard !
  • david’s view on what’s attractive !
  • the “real” body !?
  • fake it till you make it ?!
  • self love !
  • photoshop, fake boobs, and stretch marks !
  • improving your body image goddammit !

so let’s just give ourselves a break, are you with me ? no perfection needed, we are all beautiful, quirky and worthy !

love // jenny

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  1. I came to read this after feeling so very upset when I read of a health Facebook page so many ‘perfect’ women boasting about how they ‘managed their menopauses with no medical help! They were so judgmental and it upset me because my menopause was a living hell. Lucky that few women get it so bad but the condemnation heaped on those using HRT made me feel sad and tearful, no love for their sisters who suffer greatly at this time.

    So watching this made me feel much better because it is similar. Judging ourselves and our sisters, as you say so well, is such a defeating thing to do.

  2. Aw. This was really sweet. Good job David.
    My husband relates. He always preferred natural real bodies and never liked photoshopped images or implants and all those types of bodies. I used to be afraid my very skinny body I once had would not attract him but he loved me anyway. Now that I am in my early thirties and have birthed and nursed two children and have become a little more curvy in comparison to how I once was. Sometimes I get down about all these stretch marks and my belly that seems to be growing a slight with a pouch thing, but he shows me love and devotes his attention to me and is very turned on by it. That makes me really glad. I hope more women find great men like ours!

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