GOING PLACES : champagne cocktails and vegan treats at the driftwood room

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one of our final nights in portland we went to the bar driftwood room, in hotel deluxe downtown.

this was such a lovely evening, drinking champagne cocktails and gorgeous vegan bar bites. the purple cocktail in the pics is called elizabeth taylor and it was the one david ordered of course ( he’s got a thing for elizabeth taylor ).


we had the sweet chili green beans, sautéed cauliflower, some fries, and sizzling forest mushroom that were literary sizzling ! they brought them to our table in a super hot skillet, making all steamy, smoking, sizzling noise.

everything was delicious as can be. we loved our drinks and the food was enough to be like our dinner that night. ( afterwards we went to the livingroom cinema and had some donuts and more champagne. )


the driftwood room is hella romantic ! so dark and cozy and like a little world of its own. i found it perfect for a pre-dinner drink, and the happy hour prices are surprisinglt reasonable.

the bar is so dark in fact, that it would have been impossible for us to take these pictures if i didn’t have the amazing idea to use my iphone flashlight and light myself and the food. don’t know how crazy about this idea the other guests were but we tried to be discreet and quick anout it ^^


the good thing about mobile flashlights is that the light is so blueish white ( instead of yellow like normal lamps ) so the effect is quite cool, don’t you think ?

going through my photos from portland i realise i haev quite a lot of material left still !

like the evening we had a grain competition to decide the tastiest grain once and for all, and all the highlights from our trip gathered in a montage video, how does that sound ? stay tuned !


a big thank you to driftwood room for taking care of us, we had the best time !

love // jenny

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  1. I’d be very curious to see a montage video. I hope you’ll include some of the shots from this post, they’re great! Champagne in glasses always looks so sophisticated :-) And the colours are amazing.

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