GOING PLACES : date night ! | 9 course vegan dinner at farm spirit

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by the end of our portland trip, me and david had a proper date night – a 9 course dinner at vegan restaurant farm spirit.
now this is something i’ve never done before, even before going vegan. this was a food experience for sure.

the restaurant only has one sitting per night, and can only seat 15 people – all around a sort of bar where you get to see the chefs cooking right in front of you. so dinner and a show.

i thought this setup might make the experience a bit stiff and uptight, but i couldn’t have been more wrong. the restaurant had the most relaxed atmosphere ( the chefs telling us that no one would judge us if we wanted to lick the plate or eat with out fingers ) and music was played at just the right volume to not be disturbing, but yet making it possible to talk to each other privately, even with everyone seated so closely together.
me and david had the most romantic time, this really was a fun night !

a big thumbs up for the unique selection of non-alcoholic beverages. we tried 3 of them, and they were all delicious. the food is all vegan and locally sourced.

i didn’t take pics of all nine courses ( plus some additional bonus dishes along the way ), but here are some of them !
the one above was one of our favourites – mushroom pate, dehydrated carrot, and vegan caviar yum.

this was the first thing we got, bread with parsley, and some sort of garlic sauce if i remember it correctly.

this beauty is roasted parsnip rolled in this cute way. need to try to make this !

lovely chanterelles with grilled endive i think.

this is actually eggplant with a perfect smoked tomato jam.

the first of two desserts : poached persimmon with hem granola. this was david’s favourite i think.

and finally, quinoa cake with sweet potato fluff.

i’m so happy we got to try so many restaurant in portland, and this was definitely one of the highlights !
stay tuned for the portland restaurant video we’re sharing as soon as we’ve gotten the chance to edit it.

a big thank you and best of luck to farm spirit ! what a lovely idea for a restaurant, we had a great night in their care.

love // jenny

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