GOING PLACES : japanese christmas market in kreuzberg

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hey guys !
checking in from a dark and christmasy berlin.

today has been chill – our favourite berliner ebba zingmark dropped by our airbnb for some tea and david’s tempeh bacon sandwiches. it’s so nice to talk to someone who lives here and has the same job as us. we’re getting tons of great advice and feel so welcomed to the city.
( do you remember the cooking video we made with ebba last spring ? check it out here. )


and then we headed out together to the japanese christmas market in kreuzberg. i tried macha for the first time ( i know it’s so strange i haven’t had it before ), and loved it of course. we took some pics and went for a walk.

i’m wearing my brand new super cozy sweatshirt* by my fav brand zl by zlism.

jennymustardjapanesechristmasmarket1 jennymustardjapanesechristmasmarket2

me and david walked the whole way home through the city. i think our story with berlin might not be as passionate a love story as we had with london, but more like the start of a beautiful friendship.

love // jenny

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