VLOG : mission impossible : apartment hunting in berlin | vlog

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like promised, here’s our next vlog !
hope you like these little titbits from last week, we sure did enjoy having you guys with us.

in this vlog we go to the movie premiere of the film der nachtmahr, we get interviewed for our agency’s youtube channel, and we continue this never-ending story of apartment hunting in berlin ( please let us know if you hear of an apartment in need of two nice swedish caretakers ^.^ )

it was kind of a slow week, which was exactly what the doctor ordered. both me and david feel much more relaxed and chilled, i think last week’s slowness gave us time to really just talk and get some perspective. and we feel brand spanking new this week !

vlogging is truly something new and exciting for us, so much more difficult to us than our usual videos since we’re so unused to this format. it’s super fun to experiment and i can’t wait to see what our vlogs will look like a few weeks from now when we’ve had more practice. it’s almost as if we’re creating our own little reality show – something i certainly never thought i’d be involved in, how weird ^.^


ok, we’re off to meet a new friend and shoot for next week’s vlog !
have a great one kiddos.

love // jenny

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