GOING PLACES : signing a contract for a new ( temporary ) apartment | + a magical berlin spot

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this morning we took a long walk through the city to go sign a contract for an apartment we’re going to stay in for the next two months.

getting a proper flat of your own in berlin has turned out to be such a hassle. so we need to sublet yet again, waiting for our appointment to go get registered in the city to then finally be able to rent an apartment of our own.

anyway, it’s good to have found this new place. it’ll only be for a couple of months, it’s big and bright, and it’s in an area of the city that we like ( unlike the area we’re living in now ).

so it’s good to get this done, and not move every 3 weeks.
but man-oh-man do we want an empty apartment of our own now !


on our way to sign the contract we went passed one of our favourite spots here in berlin. we just stumbled upon these building the other week, and the place is so amazingly huge and impressive. simply beautiful if you ask me.

it’s just on the river and walking about in the area always calms be down. feels like you’re in the aeon flux world or something.

have you ever been to berlin ?
what’s your favourite spot ?


it was a beautiful morning today, but the air is still february nippy. so of course i’m wearing my trusted scarf. one of the best buys of my life, i think i’ve had it for like six years or something. it’s from monki by the way !


it’s friday night and that means japanese food and korean thrillers in our home !
what are you up to ?

love // jenny

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i’m wearing : monki scarf, zl by zlizm bomber jacket*, noisy may top*, only vest*, and my super comfy adidas !
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  1. I’ve been to Berlin there times before and I absolutely love zoologisher Garten! Hope you’re enjoying your stay! I want to move there someday too!

  2. Miett Xylander

    If you like open spaces, you should visit the Tempelhofer Feld. Its just so amazing and a good break from the vibrant city.
    I hope that you will find an apartment of your own soon. Apartment hunting in Berlin is so hard.

    Greetings Miett

  3. Im from Berlin and my favourite Spot of all times is Treptower Park. Ist Great for walks steht the river, you can relax in Insel der Jugend and the abandoned leisure Park Plänterwald with the old ferris wheel. There also is a very impressive Russian war Memorial. You cant see ist from the street but as soon as ist comed to your sight it will blow you away. Sooo huge an da harsh contrast to the surrounding nature.

  4. Treptower Park and Tempelhofer Feld are for sure places I recommand as well!
    And also a place called Humboldthain Park, it is in the north (s/u-bahn gesundbrunnen), and once you go up the hill you have a great view on northern Berlin.
    In Schöneberg I’d also recommand Victoriapark, cute little park, and Gleisdreieck (its a huuuge park based on an abandoned railway, great sights!! thats my favourite spot for sure).
    Well that was about parks… I know it isnt really the season, but it changes from dirty and noisy streets! Schöneberg is also a very nice neighboorhood to have a stroll and see nice architecture.
    Anyway! One thing not to forget is that Berlin aaalways offers surprises! Good luck for everything.

  5. I lived in Berlin a couple of years ago (I’m from Denmark). I used to work really close to the place where you took these pictures and often went for a walk there in my lunchbreak because it was so nice with the quietness right in the center of the city. Be sure to come back on a sunnier day! It’s beautiful the way the water reflects the sun. I have a lot of favorite places, but what I really loved was cycling/walking through the city when the sun is going down. There is something about the golden light on the surroundings. Especially around the Berliner Philharmonie, Gleisdreieck and Tiergarten/Brandenburger Tor, I think.

  6. I’ve been to Berlin just twice, and just for less than a day each. On one of the days, I received a tour of the city by car, being driven by a friend who excelled at being a tourist guide. But it was all too much in too little time to be easily remembered. And on the other day, I was basically just travelling through the area.

    However, if I had a chance and enough time to visit the area again, I’d surely have a look at the Spandau Citadel where they filmed scenes for many of the old black-and-white German Grusel movies of the 60s. I’d also be curious about nearby Potsdam, because of all the parks.

    Enjoy your stay!

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