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today i talk about scandinavia – and what it was really like to grow up there. heaven on earth, a perfectly-managed utopia… or is it? take it from a born and raised swede aka myself, when i in the new video talk about all things scandi !

the freedom, the healthcare, the non-existent health insurance, schools, universities… a lot of things are free in sweden. also, growing up in sweden was ridiculously safe. we weren’t really afraid of anything. it’s calm, it’s quiet, and not a violent place.

not to mention how conflict-free, comfortable, and uncomplicated life in sweden can be, since s
candinavians care so much about what others think of them. the typical swede try their best to always be polite, not to cause conflict, embarrassment or uncomfortable situations.

so how come i left this utopia on earth by free choice? well, there’s the weather. and the slightly boring side of growing up in a country with only 10 million citizens…
but no matter how hard i try, i can not think of any other place i would have rather grown up in. and i recommend everyone to visit at least once ( in the summer though ! )

i’ve been posting a lot about good old scandi lately… that can only mean one thing : christmas is coming and i’m getting obnoxiously nostalgic !
stay tuned for more sweden-themed winter holiday content in the next few weeks, i’m just getting warmed up !

want more scandi flair ? check out my recent video about swedish fika !

love // jenny

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  1. Jenny your natural hair colour is so GORGEOUS on you. I loved the bleach blonde, but this is such a different look and still so good! Can any look be bad on you?

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