HEALTH : 5 weird healthy diet tips

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you know i love talking about health. few things has had a bigger importance in my happiness than feeling like i’m taking care of my body.

a healthy diet, exercising, stressing down – all of them invaluable. but each and every one of those concepts has a bad reputation of making our lives more boring, hard, annoying, stressful ( paradoxically ), and less free and happy.

boring is in the eye of the beholder, i say !
living healthy does not in any way need to be bland, annoying, difficult, or depriving. so this video is meant to show health in an entertaining way, so not too serious, but still useful. at least i hope so, that’s what i aimed for ^.^

if you’re wondering what i consider a healthy diet – i’m all about 100% plant-based. no animal products, very little processed stuff. whole plants make up the main part of my diet, with a little bit of white rice, some sugary chocolate, and the odd junk food moment once in a while when i’m at a vegan market or something.

a very healthy whole foods diet, without making rules or restricting myself – that’s how i would sum it up. and living in my body feels like i’ve won the lottery.
we have over the years ( finally ) become the best of friends.


by the way, these photos are from my cookbook – a dish i call my sea salad. totally yummy !

love // jenny

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  1. Yay! Lovely tips. I haven’t been able to get into the whole seaweed thing yet, would you mind sharing a few recipes containing seaweed to get me started, Jenny? Pretty please :-)

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  3. Great post. I am always encouraging my patients to eat healthier. This is such a great recipe, and I have been passing it out like crazy. People are loving it so far. Thanks!

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