HEALTH : how to get rid of bad eating habits

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in this video i talk about a healthy diet, but also about being pressured by society to eat and look a certain way. i know this is a very sensitive topic for a lot of people, so just wanted to give you a little bit of *warning* in case talking about these things might be upsetting for you.

basically i talk about how to get rid of bad eating habits, without having to rely on self-control or restricting yourself. this video is about how i went from feeling quite bad about my everyday diet, to being happy, healthy, and relaxed with the way i eat.

i want to send some encouragement and support to anyone out there who are struggling with their eating habits, or feeling confused and unbalanced in their relationship to food. we all deserve to enjoy food in way that makes us happy – both mentally and physically !

now let’s watch !

ok ok so this isn’t like a ‘practical tips’ kind of video – more about how to mentally change your perspective. i hope you didn’t find it too vague. i just find this subject so incredible interesting and i could just talk and talk about it for hours.
how we see ourselves and how we change over time – is there anything more mind-boggling and cool ?

aaanyway, i’m wishing you best of luck with creating good habits that work for you and make you happy. and i think it’s always good to ask ourselves : is this really in my personality, or is it maybe just what i’m used to, a bad habit ?

if you want more on this subject, i suggest you go watch my video ‘6 steps to start a healthy diet’.

love // jenny

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  1. Could you please tell us the brand of the beautiful deep bowls and cast iron cook ware? great video!

    • the bowls and plates are from kähler, the pots are from eva solo and the spoons and salt&pepper grinder from connox ( they are all gifts from the brands, one luxury of being a food blogger :P )

  2. I agree with what you said Jenny. Whenever I crave something, my first thoughts are “okay, I could buy this food from the store, but what if it isn’t vegan or the ingredients are unfavorable? Can I try to make it myself and used healthier ingredients instead?” Now, I find I am making all my meals pretty much from scratch and I feel very healthy.

  3. What is the delicious looking meal in the equally lovely bowls? And where can I find the recipe Jenny? Many thanks

  4. Great video Jenny ! very inspiring! I am working on cleaning up my diet right now. Are all the recipes for the foods shown here in your cook book?
    Also, what is the beautiful eye colors you are wearing in this video please

  5. whenever i need health inspo, i binge watch your videos! i’ve gotten so much better at snacking healthy and packing satisfying and healthy lunches for work (which i NEED because i work at a vegan bakery and am surrounded by sweets) and its pretty much all thanks to your youtube. i finally take b12 now too since you mention it so much (hello, game changer)! you don’t even know how many times i’m like “hmm, maybe i’ll just order pizza tonight. oh, no, i have a sweet potato, i’ll bake that and stuff it with tahini lentils instead”. thanks so much for all the great content and inspiration you provide, so glad that i found your page <3

  6. Antecknade varenda tips här! Du är så himla inspirerande.

    Har tre frågor som inte rör inlägget men jag vet inte riktigt vart annars jag ska skriva dem så de kommer här:
    Hur ser du på presenter, julklappar och liknande? Vill du ha presenter? Vad ger du andra i present?


  7. So much good advice here! The way to talk to us, and to yourself, is so balanced, reasonable, and positive, Jenny! That’s why I keep coming back. And to add up to that your videos are so peaceful and harmonious. Keep up the good work!

  8. Leana Bloom Mooradian

    This is all great advice! However I have a question. How do you keep all of your personal recipes organized? I love to cook, and find it easiest to make great food choices when I know ahead of time what I want to make for the week. I seldom use recipes but would like to start keeping a record of my creations for future use (aside from just memory) so that I have an easy, simple, useful resource when planning my weekly meals and food shopping. Maybe this topic would make a good video? Either way I’d love to know if you have suggestions.

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