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it is here – the 30 day vegan challenge !
the time has come for us to start taking care of ourselves from the inside out, by eating healthy whole foods, staying away from the quick fix diets, and cure us from our junk food addiction for life ^.^
ok, that’s the plan anyway…
i’ve come up with a 4 week plan for ease you into a healthy vegan diet, with a transition so smooth you won’t even know the difference.

it’s easier if we do it together, so let’s support each other and go in your own pace. it’s a different journey for all of us !

check out my recipes if you want some what-to-cook inspo ^.^

i hope i’ve managed to send just a little bit motivation, and that you’re thinking of giving this a try ( if you’re not already a healthy vegan of course ! )
let me know how you’re getting on, and take care of that gorgeous body of yours !

love // jenny

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  1. I commented on your video too, but I thought I would give your blog some love! I have been a vegan for over 2.5 years now and I’m definitely looking to make myself more of a healthy vegan. I’ve been doing pretty good with that recently, and your recipes have really been the major help here! Thanks Jenny :D

  2. Thanks for the great video, Jenny!
    I went vegan last year and I did it kind of the way you are explaining as well. It worked out – I feel healthy in body and mind, I love all veggies and fruits by now and I never missed a thing. I thought I could never go vegan because of cheese and now cheese and things kinda creep me out…^^
    I love how a vegan diet pushes me to make things on my own because I cannot find/afford the vegan alternative. It keeps creativity up :)

    Looking forward to your next videos and recipes!

  3. pleaseee, I think I already eat healthy but it’s a curse for me to think every night what to cook, and I keep procrastinating the week dinner plan. So this will help a lot :)

  4. Jenny and David thank you for being such an inspiration!
    In 2016 me and my love became vegans and I have to say you were the first ones to inspire us. Never going back…
    Thanks and keep up the great work!!!

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