HEALTH : the japanese food journal ?

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a couple of years ago i heard something that stayed with me. it was a woman talking about her time as an immigrant in japan, and she was mentioning the food culture among other things. she said that in japan, parents often teach their children that they should eat at least 30 different things a day, and at least 100 different ingredients per week.

now, i have no idea if ever a japanese parent told this to their child. maybe this philosophy doesn’t exist at all. either way, i like it ! what a clever way to get children to try new things, and for us adult to keep a varied diet.

when i first heard this i thought, i’m for sure eating 30 things a day, 100 a week – easy. and i’m still confident that i do. however, i have no way of knowing since i’ve never actually counted. i never keep a food journal or keep track of my food, because i don’t want my diet to be one of control and rules, or about being ‘good’.

so here’s the thing – i’ve got quite a few requests to make a what i eat in a day video, or a weekly food journal.
the sunday video this week will actually be one of those what i eat in a day vids – so tune in sunday if you find this interesting.
and i’m thinking that listing what a normal week looks like for me might be helpful to anyone wanting to try eating healthier and happier. and if i do, i’ll get an excellent opportunity to see how japanese i am at the same time ^^

let me know if a weekly meal journal is something you’d like me to make. i’m of course happy to do it if you guys would find it useful. as always, i aim to please.

love // jenny



  1. Hi, Jenny! Yes! Please do a “what you eat in a week” too! I’m looking forward to Sunday. Really enjoying your recipes, photos and knowledge. Keep it up–thank you!

    • hey laurie !
      ok cool, thanks for letting me know there’s an interest for the weekly food journal. i’ve just uploaded the ‘what i eat in a day’ video, so have a look :D hope you like it xxx

    • the ‘what i eat in day’ video is up now yay !! have a look and let me know what you thought <3

  2. Også jeg vil gerne se det:-) Men jeg er mest interesseret i helt almindelige dage, hvor du bare spiser det du plejer … og ikke “konstruerede” dage hvor du forsøgsvis spiser 30 forskellige ting. Forstår du hvad jeg mener? Jeg vil glæde mig til søndag<3<3<3

    • Jeg kan se at de andre taler om en hel uges mad! Jeg taler altså bare om en enkelt dag en gang i mellem;-)

      • hahah ok det ar bra att veta :D
        min what i eat in a day video ar nu uppe forresten ^^

  3. Hey Jenny!
    I’d love to see a food journal or “what I eat in a week” ! I actively search vegan ones to find inspiration, and since I particularly love your lifestyle I’d love to see one! ^^

    • cool gajana, thank you so much for letting me know ! i always try to figure out what you guys want to see or read so it\s super helpful to get feedback !
      the ‘what i eat in a day’ video is up now btw :D

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