HOW I AFFORD TO TRAVEL ! (budget tips)

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today i talk about travelling. i have been going on a lot of trips lately and it is very expensive of course, so with each and every trip david and i take we come up with different tricks that will make it cheaper for us.

anything from how to save on food and eating out, how to save up for your travel budget beforehand, how to motivate yourself to not spend money on useless things before the trip. hacks to make both your travel expenses smaller, and your saved up travel budget larger. and also how to stay un budget while travelling to not spend all your pocket money in the first few days.

i’m on a 3 week trip as we speak. currently in girona and soon to go to barcelona ! and i’m happy to say that so far, i have been spending even less than i thought (spain is very cheap!) and i’m having the best time. yesterday david and i booked flights for january when we’ll be going to one of the destinations on the very top of our bucket list (more about that later). what’s on the top of your travel bucket list ?

love // jenny

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