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how to find your personal style ?
we got your covered in today’s podcast episode !

we talk about :
– what style really is !
– our own personal styles !
– how you can find yours ?
– what we used to look like growing up ?
– conforming to society’s ideals !
– why style is important ?
– if we have any style icons ?

and also in this episode :
– going to an escape room adventure !
– new obsession : food shopping online ?
– the food we hate the taste of !
– the oscars conspiracy theorists !
– david’s semi-funny anecdote of course – about a dude who protests beauty standards, rappers who break in and cook food, and alicia keys new no-makeup look !

let’s do this !

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so from now on, you can listen to us here (scroll down), on acast, itunes, or most other places they have podcasts.
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love // jenny & david

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i’m wearing :
my new gorgeous reflective rucksack* from CAAK
monki sleeveless trenchcoat*
hoodie* from björn borg
cheap monday shirt*
bering watch*
leggings and socks from weekday
vegan shoes* from vagabond

*press gift product


    • Neither can i! Is there any other way to listen to it on a mobile device?

  1. Thank you for the really nice podcast-episode:)
    on PR-stunts (attention-tinfoily-hat-alerrt): somebody told me ones, that Caitlyn Jenners gender transformation was obviously a PR-Stunt. I really didnt know how to react on this :D

  2. Hi Jenny, hi David, LOOOVE your podcast! It’s perfect to listen to while working, so chill and entertaining. Love how you talk about the city live. As a Berliner living abroad always feel so connected to what you’re describing. Your English is perfect to me, looking forward to listen to more of your podcasts <3

  3. Happy International Women’s Day to you, Jenny and the feminist side of you, David!

  4. Hello from Australia. Love everything you guy’s do. Your English is great by the way. ✌

  5. Ella Saybel

    The way you pronounced “Zwiebel” was the cutest thing i’ve ever heard haha love it

  6. Kathy Grinslade

    I am very excited to hear about your experiences with the “escape room” game. Loved the podcast!!! Love you guys!!!

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