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let’s talk about FOMO – fear of missing out. do you have it ? should you get rid of it ? how to deal with the stress and anxiety of it ? we’re here to help !

we probably all get a bit of fomo once in a while. it’s just logical in a cyber world where we always get notified of what everyone else is up to 24/7. question is do we really need to feel fomo ? is fear of missing out something that is necessary or just stressful ? and can we get rid of it ?

this term that has virtually exploded all over the internet as social media has become just about as important as breathing to a lot of us. we constantly get updated about what everyone else is up to, and it happens that our own lives seem bleak, boring, and unfulfilled in comparison. we get stressed out, fearing that we might be missing out on all of the amazing things and happenings the world has to offer. and it’s so obvious to us that everyone is having a better time than we are !

in this sunday breakfast with the mustards, we come up with ideas on how to feel more calm and content, letting go of the stress that fomo causes, and at the same time making sure to have a hell of a good time while at it !

social media is often pointed out as the bad guy when we talk about these things. but hey, that’s hardly the full story. social media is complex and beautiful being. stressful and annoying at its worst – motivational and inspiring at its best.
as lars von trier would say, we have to be prepared to take the good with the bad.

ah, we feel so much better now. because come on, there will always be another paris fashion week. and tokyo isn’t going anywhere ! and come to think of it, this sofa in this apartment in this city really isn’t a half-bad place to be in.

love // jenny & david

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  1. I’m actually like this with blogs like yours! :-) Doing a lot of work on my Coaching business right now, so I often fall behind. I keep focusing and remembering my priorities, and that I can always catch up later…

  2. I had retired this passed fall (I’m 64years old) and my mother passed away in January. I was feeling very alone and suffering a lot from FOMO. I felt that was to old for just about everything and my life was mostly behind me. Your blog has inspired me so much!
    Thank you Jenny and David!

  3. I would LOVE to listen to watch more Mustardstuff. Even though I’m one of those danish people (not Cph) ;-).
    The two of you are a great inspiration! Thank you.

    Best regards

  4. Rebecca Ross

    I would love if you did a morning show! total support from me! <3

    I am a Dane, and I would highly recommend you to visit Copenhagen or Århus :) (BUT do it in the summertime! ) Cities are not nice when it rains!

    Some good places are in Cph:
    Kongens Have
    Raw 42

    In Århus:
    The old Town
    Mejlgade/Latiner Kvarteret
    Ren kost

  5. I didn’t really expect that the feeling I get when I watch other people doing interesting stuff and going to some fabulous places is a thing and it has a name. Fomo, I know it so well. You mentioned very good ways of getting rid of or diminishing this feeling. Thanks for sharing, I will use it next time I get jelous! Cheers.

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