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2018 is here ! and what do they say – new year, new possibilities ? i’m sure i’m not the only one feeling full of ideas for this year, so let’s get our shit together straight away:  let’s take the opportunity and use this first month of the year to get organized !

oh, and you know what ? this video is a collab with none other than the sorry girls, also known as kelsey and becky. as part of our little collab, these two super talented ladies will be sharing their best and most affordable diy’s to get you going for 2018, so go watch their video and give them some love from me ^.^

so with all that said, today i’m sharing my favourite tips for organization and productivity to keep that motivation up for the whole year !

i hope that gave you some ideas and inspiration, lets make the most out of this year, i’m convinced it will be a good one. can’t wait to get going !

love // jenny

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  1. This post isn’t exactly what I needed in Blue Monday! I’ve been struggling with the lack of motivation since January started but I finally need to get going and this post + video are just a little shot of motivation I needed! Thank you!

    With kindness

  2. Jenny, are you/ would you do a printable calendar for 2018 like the ones you did for the past two years. Super helpful. Thank you. Cheers

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