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are you – like me – at total food lover ?
i eat whatever vegan thing you put in front of me more or less, and enjoy the sensation of chewing more than what i think is normal. and still i’ve over the years figured out a way of staying healthy while, not instead of, eating tons of yummy (plant based and mostly whole foods) meals.

i really wish someone had told me that this is possible years ago, it would have saved me a lot of confusion, bad decisions, and boring meals. so i want to share with you what makes my diet so yummy and healthy at the same time !

and guys, how are you feeling about our new morning show channel THE MUSTARDS ?
are you spending all weekday mornings with us ?
no? then go show us some support and give us suggestions on topics !
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love // jenny

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  1. hi jenny !
    always nice to hear those things, thank you :)

    where can i find david’s snickers bite recipe ?
    i’ve been looking everywhere on your website in vain..
    crave them so bad !

    have a nice day


  2. Larissa R.

    hey Jenny! Just wanted to say that i’m loving your new channel The Mustards, as much as I love the podcast! You guys are awesome, and listening/watching to you is so calming and give me that inspiration feeling. I hope someday I can have such an easy and loving relationship as u guys have.
    Oh, and when are you going to launch a new episode of Mustards on Movies? It’s been a while right?

  3. Hi Jenny !
    I found that your cookbook will be published in french by the end of the month ! I’m sooooo excited for it, as I absolutely love your recipes videos and cooking tips ! and congratulations ! haha
    By the way, maybe you can do more of those in the future ;-)
    Love your work, you and David are awesome !
    Have a nice day

  4. Hi Jenny, you are so inspiring, so artful and Creative. Love watching you while Cooking or Talking with or without David. Do are Both such nice persons.
    I looked up for your book, but didn’ t found in english or even better in german.
    Is it planed in other Languages?
    Loves, Melanie

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