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let’s speak about shopping ! do you feel like you often make bad outfit purchases ? is your wardrobe filling up with bad decisions? today i’m giving you my top 5 tips on how to become a smart shopper – without breaking your budget.

i talk about:

  • the #1 no-go : shopping on an empty tummy ! #makeroomforfood
  • using shopping apps like a pro !
  • how to break a bad shopping behaviour ?
  • know your proportions, and learn to love them !
  • the 24 hour rule – patience people !
  • research sizes – never return online purchases again ?
  • what to buy on sale and what to splurge on ?
  • basics are not boring !

so guys are you smart shoppers or impulsive ones ? are you minimalists with capsule wardrobes, or do you go all in for whatever trend is currently in your instagram feed ?

i would love to hear your shopping tips down in the comments !

love // jenny

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  1. These are all great tips, Jenny. I love the 24hr hour rule cos I use it and it has always worked for me. Another thing I do as a shopper is to always wait for when a particular item is on sale because I get to pay less for such item.

  2. Jenny, thank you very much for these tips! I think that everyone now and then have such a bad habit as doing bad shopping. Great post, thank you very much for sharing!

  3. Love these tips! Something I’ve also found helpful is not to buy and item that I won’t be able to wear UNLESS I buy something else. If I like a dress but know I will have to go search for the right bra to wear with it I usually don’t buy it. I know myself and there’s a 99% chance I’m not actually going to take the time to go out and buy that specific item that will make that one item look best. I think knowing yourself is a huge part of knowing how to shop.

    Another shopping tip is knowing how the seasons work in your area and if you’re cold or warm natured! For instance I don’t buy a ton of sweaters but instead buy cute shirts and a few simple cardigans that I can throw over them. I live in TN so winters don’t usually get too bad and summers or boiling hot and humid as crap, which means everywhere you go will have AC blasting cold! Spending money on a few staple cardigans I can take on and off depending on the temperature inside or outside allow me to mix and match and not have to pack away clothes every season!

    Long comment but a few things I’ve discovered to be super helpful! Love your content and look forward to more!

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